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Hi- I'm sure you have had this question before, so I apologize in advance. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of the instruction manual for a Vivitar Instant Slide Printer?

I picked up a used one, but not sure how to operate. Can you give me the basics in a return to this message? or as an email?

thank you

-- Richard Clarke (, November 11, 2001


Put four c batts in the back or if your luckier than me you have the cord, turn it on, the bulb should immediatly begin to light up, if not you may need another bulb, you can probably still get one through vivitar, if it does light up your in business, put your slide in the front slot, adjust the light to dark swith on the lower right hand side (bottom being darkest) and after loading your polaroid film in the top, push the big blue button on the right, this will expose your film then you pull the white tab, then the print and wait the designated dev. time and peel.... if you need better instructions email me, check out my site at all my images were done on a vivitar slide printer with 669 film, hope this helped.... thomas

-- Thomas Meyers (, November 29, 2001.

I purchased a used Vivitar Slide Printer as well and got my copied instruction manual from the techs at Poloroid. Just call their tech line. They are great!

-- stephanie w. (, January 05, 2003.

QUESTION: What price would you put on a used Vivitar Instant Slide Printer? We are having a huge yard sale to benefit the local SPCA and a printer was donated...but I have no idea what price to ask.


Jenny Mead

-- Jenny Mead (, October 17, 2003.

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