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I have a number of old (50's - 60's) enlarging equipment which has been in the family for years and would like to know if what its worth as am considering selling: Omega D-2 enlarger with lens, 35 mm condenser with enlarger lens/F 4.5, developing trays, Omega 35 mm condenser, 1 4.5 Omega enlarger lens, 1 red omega mask and LOTT - Model F fast fleet dryer - drys in matte or glossy prints, which includes 11x17 ferrotype plate, assorted metal frames, Kodak hobbyist enlarger, etc. Any guidance would be extremely helpful.

-- Lynne Elliott (lelliott@barrick.com), November 14, 2001


You might want to try looing for similar items on Ebay. I have been shopping for a darkroom set-up for my daughter who has just taken an interest in photography. It's been years since I've set-up a darkroom and I would be very interested in buying your equipment for her.

-- Tony Portell (tportell1@msn.com), December 01, 2001.

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