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The support from the National Archives and the CIO Council we have needed to strengthen our business case for Federal recordkeeping is now in place.

Kudos to Dr. Lewis Bellardo, Deputy Archivist, for his presentation at the Annual Association of Records and Administrators conference in Montreal in early October. (This announcement is overdue -- or web site has been down!) Dr. Bellardo, with the Canadian Archivist, unveiled the new International Records Standard: International Standards Organization (ISO) DIS 15489-1:2001: Information and Documentation -- Records Management - Part 1: General and ISO Technicial Reference (TR) document and 15489-2:2001: Information and documentation -- Records Management -- Part 2: Guidelines. These are not yet available from the ARMA Bookstore but may be ordered from ISO. Thank you, Dr. Bellardo.

Also, please check the CIO Web site at These are the kinds of activities and efforts which will build support for professional Federal records programs. We just have to look for every opportunity to show the value we can bring to the processes.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

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