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On the 21st day of November 1870, Jason Jones and his wife Tabitha deeded to Allen G. Morton and Abison Whitley Trustees for the Primitive Baptist Denomination a two and one-half acre tract of land on the waters of Still Water Creek. This deed was not registed in the Registra's office until April 24, 1878. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF A CHURCH WAS BUILT ON THIS PROPERTY? IF SO, WHAT CHURCH AND WHERE IS IT LOCATED? I know very little about Stanly county's creeks and my travels today did not net me anyone who knew the location of the creek. The only adjoining property owner named on the deed was J. W. Austin. The deed was witnessed and proved by S. C. Litle. I have searched for the graves of Jason and Tabitha for years, but only found this deed yesterday. (It was listed as JANES instead of JONES.) I know that Jason died between 1870 and 1880 and Tabitha died after 1880. I was hoping their graves could be in this church's cemetery. My husband and I have visited many cemeteries in the area, but we have not been able to locate these graves. Any and all help would be appreciated. Even if I can't find their graves, I would like to know what church, if one, was built on this property.

-- Barbara Moore (, November 17, 2001

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