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I know you guys get a lot of these types of questions and in advance-sorry, but I'm shopping for another camera and am lost with all of the choices out there. I currently own a Nikon N2000 with an assortment of lenses, but would like to get more creative with what I can do with it. I can't use a cable release for instance, for night shooting. I'd like to get another Nikon that has auto focus (my age or eyesight-or both is a factor) but can still be used with the manual focus lenses so I can use one body. Is there such a beast out there? I won't limit myself to Nikon only, so any advice would be appreciated. I also have an old Yashika TLR that I play around with and like the medium format, but the cost is a factor. Thanks, Janet

-- Janet Morley (, November 24, 2001

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