Modify DayLab 8x10 base for 669 compatible holder? : LUSENET : polaroid transfers : One Thread

I can get an older Daylab (model 200 or 300 I think) with the 8x10 base very cheap. I looks like it is set up for regular Cibachrome (or B/W) processing though.

Would it be possible (with some clever mechanical work) to modify the base to accept a Polaroid Film Holder that would accept type 669 film?

Also I'm not clear what holders will take the 669 film packs. Maybe I would have to go to 4x5 film and get a 545 or 405 holder?

I don't know the quality of the lens, etc. Maybe I am better off to get a new Daylab 35.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

-- Dave Renfroe (, November 25, 2001

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