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I have located a couple of reasonably priced "Polaprinters" that use the smaller film holders (for around $100 - $150.) They look like well made units but may have serious limitations. My main concern with them, over using a DayLab, would be the lack of cropping or enlarging (which may be a limitation of the smaller DayLabs as well.)

Has anyone had any experience with these?

They appear to be "OK" for getting started with image transfers. I guess you can get different Polaroid film holders for them, so they would take either 3.5X4 or 4x5 film.

Any comments would be appreciated.

-- Dave Renfroe (, November 26, 2001



I just got a Polaprinter the other day, works great. More rugged then a Vivitar and would suggest the Polaprinter over the Vivitar to begin with. HOWEVER, they do not produce them anymore and I have had a hard time finding any documentation. The slide holder is large enough to hold a filter of your choosing, but where to get the filter??? Anyway I don't think you will be dissapointed with it at all.

-- (, May 04, 2002.

help me please. i have been given a polaprinter with out instructions. what attachments do i need, what type of film. ?? any info would be beneficial.

-- jacqueline lichtstein (, June 08, 2002.

I ended up getting a SunPak View-Printer, which works "OK".... not the most rugged construction however. It is a great way to take a quick look at slides though, on a small screen.

But on the PolaPrinter, I believe it will take Polaroid 669 color film unless you have a special film holder. Maybe there is a model number on the film holder portion that you could check with Polaroid. For example a 545 takes 4X5 film, etc. Thats from what I remember from my investigations when I was looking for one. You shouldn't need any gadgets to run it, but from what I understand, it will not enlarge or allow any cropping of the print.

I measured the length of the SS rollers in my holder that takes the 669 film, the "drum part" (the widest diameter thats about 0.8 cm across) is exactly 9 cm. long (or just a hair over 3.5".) The "gap" that the film is pulled through, next to the rollers is close to 8 cm. wide (3 1/8"). At around $45 CDN for 20 exposures, I would understand any reluctance to "try some out".

Also, did you try contacting "gene" who answered this question some time ago?

If you decide not to keep it, it looks like they fetch a reasonable price on Ebay as they are used for Polaroid Transfers, which is popular now.

... hope this helps, please contact me if I can measure anything else for you.

Regards, ........ Dave

-- Dave Renfroe (, June 12, 2002.

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