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Just one more post for now. I feel better knowing that the CDC at least has a plan for this contingency. The only problem I see with ring vaccination ~ where they vaccinate around the outbreak area, is that Americans move around so much it could spread way beyond the ring. Still, better than nothing, and better than having my kids get shots that they do not need that could injure them. Story at....

-- notnow (, November 27, 2001


My thoughts on this....Yes, there needs to be quarenteen of the area, BUT the proposal to use stadiums etc sounds to me more like a scenario for a reverse quarenteen. Where the story is "come will be safe and we will let all those outlanders die off before we go back out"...Happy thoughts.;}

-- Doreen (, November 28, 2001.

I read an article 2 weeks ago on World Net Daily that thoroughly has me concerned about the whole thing. These are the facts gleaned from that article:

There are only 2 facilities in the entire world that have smallpox material. One in Russia and one in the U.S.

Our U.S. government is talking about and considering making smallpox vaccine MANDATORY for all citizens of the U.S. in spite of CDC saying we don't need to do that.

The smallpox vaccine in production right now, and possibly the ONLY one in production, is being grown in stem cells from an aborted baby.

My questions?

Who is going to release smallpox on our population? Russia or our own government?

Why does our government not consider quarrantine and the advice of the CDC strong enough measures?

Why will the mandatory vaccine used be one that is an abomination to God and His people?

I've heard a couple of different prophets state their opinions that the mark of the beast was not going to a "financial" mark but a spiritual mark of the beast. So let's put bar code prophecy away for awhile and think this one through.

Oh yeah, and our Dear missing Dr. Wiley was certainly a speed bump to the government agenda. At least if the terrorists have Dr. Wiley, he is still alive.

Let's face it, the Islamic terrorists are incredibly low tech guys. Our own government is a bigger threat to most of us.

-- Laura (, November 30, 2001.

After reading here, I feel so incredibly sick to my stomache and in my heart.

-- Laura (, November 30, 2001.

Notnow, I thought at first this was so far out it couldn't possibly be so. I've just spent quite a bit of time doing research on it and you are right, they are using aborted fetal cells to produce the smallpox vaccine. But now they have declared that they won't use it anymore. Guess what they are going to use. Another line of aborted fetal cells! More doublespeak to get around our consciences. I also discovered that at least one more vaccine (rubeola) is made from the cell lines of an aborted fetus. I am sick! No more vaccines for me or mine! I also read that in some areas laws have been passed to allow the health dept. to force immunization. They are even empowered to seize homes, vehicles, food, medicene, anything we have that the gov. thinks they can use better! Lord help us.

-- kim in CO (, March 31, 2002.

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