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Hi, I am a disabled mum and I work for Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international which publishes a journal on parenting with a disability and runs the UK information service on disabled parenting. With our "sister" organisation Disabled Parents Network we are setting up the National Centre for Disabled Parents in London in the UK. We have been given some funds to make the Centre "child friendly" and would like your ideas! We would welcome any ideas on: children's toys or small play equipment that you have found to be especially good to use or play with your children, children's books that feature disabled parents or feature disability in a positive way, Video or audio-cassettes that you have found useful, or are more relevant to disabled parents, baby-care or child-care equipment disabled parents have found useful and would recommend to others, including safety equipment, Anything else you think we should think of! Your thoughts before Christmas 2001 would be welcomed. Thank you in advance, Lisa

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2001


I am a diabled mum (to be!) and I've found what I think could be a really useful piece of equipment for parents who have a walking impairment (like myself) who would find it very hard to chase a lively toddler when they're heading for a potential mis-hap.

The product is the "BABY RUNNER HARNESS BACK PACK" product code number "BV005" from PERFECTLY HAPPY PEOPLE. You can visit their website on

It looks like a 'normal' small childs rucksack but has handles and a rope attachment to keep the child with you without carrying them.

There are some other really good products there also like the bottle harness. This'll stop me having to bend to pick bottles off the floor when thrown during tantrums!

Best of luck with your research.


-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

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