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What was John McGeoch's advanced topic of interest? He received his PhD in 1926 under his advisor Harvey Carr. Also What was James Rowland Angell's advanced topic of interest,? he never received his PhD, but 2 thesis's one from Michigan and the other from Harvard. What are the titles, and his advisor's name??? Thank You.

-- Talitha Bell (, December 03, 2001


McGeoch's main area of reserch was memory. He is best known for the theory that forgetting is thge result of interference from competing associations, rather than from decay due to disuse.

According to Zusne's _Biographical Dictionary..._ Angell received his highest degree from Harvard, an MS. No supervisor is listed. It also says he wrote a dissertation intended for a PhD at Berlin, but never received his degree. No reason is given. There is no mention of a second Master's from Michigan. It does not say where he received his undergraduate training. He received 23 honorary doctorates during his career, however. There is a longish obituary of Angell by W.S. Hunter in the 1949 volume of American Journal of Psychology that might have the additional information you want. Angell's main contribution to psychology was the theory of functionalism itself. He founded labs at Minnesota and (with Dewey) at Chicago.

-- Christopher Green (, December 03, 2001.

If I recall correctly Angell was an undergraduate student of Dewey's at Michigan. After that he went off to Harvard to work with James. Dewey (and perhaps Mead) then hired him at Chicago.

-- Eric Bredo (, March 07, 2002.

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