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We have a June 2001 Milking Shorthorn bull calf for sale that would make a great herd bull for a homesteader. He is red with white marks and out of a great producing dual purpose cow. He will be steered if no one is interested. We are located in west central ohio just minutes from I-70 and the Indiana State line.

-- Casey Weiss (, December 13, 2001


If no one here wants to buy it, keep in mind that this breed also makes a great ox (beef is last resort). You can also advertize him at as they deal with a lot of working horses, ponies, mules, & oxen. This magazine (also has their own forum) is geared for these animals at working in farming, logging, & educational occupations (heritage: like conner prarie; where they show others (kids on school field trip) how people lived, & worked (what was modern in their time) in pionier days). I'm sure someone there would want to buy an untrained bull calf for an ox.

If I had a place to keep stock (some day soon I hope), this is one of the breeds I'm interested in getting.

Good luck

-- animalfarms (, December 13, 2001.

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