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Date: 07 Dec 2001 19:23:23 EST From: (Daniel S. Richman 95)


Comparing Bush & the Republicans to the Third Reich sort of ruins your credibility & makes you look like a wacko.

You might have a tough time winning friends & influencing people (even open-minded folks like me) with that sort of rhetoric.

And if you are trying to assert that Gore & the Democrats are somehow NOT beholden to special interests and therefore not equally as corrupt as the Republicans, then you're even more "out there" than I thought.

-- Daniel Richman (Daniel.S.Richman.95@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG), December 15, 2001



----------------------------- A FRIENDLY RESPONSE: -----------------------------

Dear Daniel,

I understand the sincerity of your "wow" and your "wacko" remarks.

In 1933 Hitler and his political movement were not yet demonized for the pages of history were yet to be turned. Hitler was a politician of the extreme right making noises about the dangers facing Germany as we hear today from the Republican extreme right. Hitler was obsessed with an ideology that verged on pseudo metaphysical and magic visions of the most insane kind. Today with hind sight most people agree that he was clinically insane.

It is as unacceptable today to warn the comfortable American middle class of the equally dangerous insanity of the current reactionary Washington administration because clues and causes already visible have not yet manifested their inevitable consequences. It is only human to choose denial rather than worry too soon and prepare for a possible social catastrophe.

The soft sounds in the bushes must be caused by a pussy cat and anyone warning from experience that those are the actual sounds of a stalking tiger will be ridiculed as a "wacko". Ridiculing reactions to warnings of catastrophic danger defeated the otherwise very calm and sane American Indian tribes, who could not possibly imagine the enormity of what was coming. They could never believe that white invaders were as treacherous as history proved them to be. Hindsight is the only book we should learn history from.

Here is an example of Amerindian suicidal ridicule: (from an Plains Indian narrative) On their way to Black Bear’s camp, along the Tongue river Red Dove had stopped and got off her horse to tighten a pack that had gotten lose, and to rearrange the travois on which their young son was riding, when looking up far behind them across a ridge she saw a long file of mounted men. “Look!” She warned her husband. Little Horse shielded his eyes from the morning sun. “Soldiers!” he said “come let us move quickly!” Past the rise of the next hill they abandoned their travois, took the child on his father’s saddle and left the trail to ride at a gallop straight across the land directly to Black Bear’s camp. Causing excitement in the two hundred and fifty lodges of the peaceful village. They tried to have the crier to warn the people, but were not believed. This was Indian territory, theirs by treaty. Little Horse had made a mistake those must have been indians travelling to their late summer grounds, nothing to worry about. Even some of their relatives did not believe them, Red Dove’s brother laughed at his Cheyenne brother in law for being always too excited about things. Little Horse and his family moved on that same evening followed by Strong Woman the grandmother and Talking Bird, Red Dove’s Sister sister with her child Sparrow Hawk, only five summers old. They were on their way to warn the other villages in Paha Sapa, the Black hills. “We go back at dawn” Spirit Wind spoke. “It is too late” Said Little horse. “We heard the big guns talk the next morning after we left. We went back at sunset. The soldiers killed many. “

Vincent Bugliosi, the highly respected California Prosecutor writes: " Since the notion of five Supreme Court Justices being criminals is so alien to our sensibilities and previously held beliefs, and since, for the most part, people see and hear, as Thoreau said, what they expect to see and hear, most readers will find my characterization of these Justices to be intellectually incongruous. But make no mistake about it, I think my background in the criminal law is sufficient to inform you that Scalia, Thomas et al. are criminals in the very truest sense of the word.

Bugliosi explains quite well this reluctance of reasonable people to see and discriminate against clearly manifested evil, such as the enormity of the Supreme Court nullification of an election on spurious and totally illegal grounds, he writes:

"Sometimes the body politic is lulled into thinking along unreasoned lines. The "conventional wisdom" emerging immediately after the Court's ruling seemed to be that the Court, by its political ruling, had only lost a lot of credibility and altitude in the minds of many people. But these critics of the ruling, even those who flat-out say the Court "stole" the election, apparently have not stopped to realize the inappropriateness of their tepid position vis-à-vis what the Court did. You mean you can steal a presidential election and your only retribution is that some people don't have as much respect for you, as much confidence in you? That's all? If, indeed, the Court, as the critics say, made a politically motivated ruling (which it unquestionably did), this is tantamount to saying, and can only mean, that the Court did not base its ruling on the law. And if this is so (which again, it unquestionably is), this means that these five Justices deliberately and knowingly decided to nullify the votes of the 50 million Americans who voted for Al Gore and to steal the election for Bush. Of course, nothing could possibly be more serious in its enormous ramifications. The stark reality, and I say this with every fiber of my being, is that the institution Americans trust the most to protect its freedoms and principles committed one of the biggest and most serious crimes this nation has ever seen--pure and simple, the theft of the presidency. And by definition, the perpetrators of this crime have to be denominated criminals."

It is based on these irrefutable crimes and many more (Too many to discuss here) which we are exposing on UNECO website that we feel it would be absurd to adopt a "tepid" reaction rather than call things by their true name.

The present cabal in Washington is at the service of international corporate neo-fascism whose ideology boils down to supra national control of all governments and whose easiest route to conquest is fast track control of the American Government by buying elections with bribery-campaign contribution to corrupt individuals in both the Democratic and Republican wings. A clear preference is expressed by the larger bribes for Republicans because they are goose step indoctrinated to blind obedience to the party-line which serves the corporate vehicles of Ruling class.

We categorically deny that Gore is a corrupt individual. He is a press-persecuted statesman (too long a subject for this letter) We have a very extensive knowledge of Gore and we can assure you that even his regrettable political compromises, which he has himself deplored as inevitable in the present US political structure, are no more than pragmatic battle moves or the sine qua non for winning elections. 

Therefore in light of the above, at risk of confirming ourselves as "wackos" we have chosen the role of the little boy yelling: "the Emperor is NAKED!"

Our way will be opposed by many...but there are enough soft spoken, stiff upper lip political commentators, to add one more. A finger pointing yelling wacko child screaming in anger: "They are violating our constitution!!!" "They are traitors and not Patriots!!!" " They wrap themselves in the flag and wave the Bible but they are anti-liberty and anti-Christ!!" This may make enough Republicans angry enough to bring attentiion to documents we are assembling that prove and expose irrefragably the corporate neo-fascist take over of our government and destruction of democracy under cover of allegedly fighting terrorism.

It is interesting that Hitler arranged to remove all security from the Reichstag before it was burned down just as Republicans opposed Al Gore's security proposals for protecting our airlines before 9/11 and even after the FBI and CIA had received multiple warnings from German and Israeli security. It is interesting that Hitler arranged to have material help supplied to the communists that burned the Reichstag and similarly the Bush family in business with the Bin Ladin Family influenced Bush Junior to give 43 millions to the Taliban just a few month before 9/11 a few months after Big oil asked congress to consider the need for an oil pipeline across Aganistan and a change in the government of that country. Interesting also that the "Patriot act" immediately following 9/11 has great similarity to Hitler manipulating President Hindenburg into dissolving the Reichstag and suspending civil rights. ...the similarities are far too many and too transparently clear to ignore. "Elementary my dear Watson!" Sherlock Holmes would say.

If uncompromising dissent is being a "wacko" then I consider that appellation a compliment and an honorable title.

Best Regards

Aldo Vidali

          -- "The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance."

-- moderator (, December 15, 2001.

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