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Who has the first kids die this year? I'm looking forward to mine but the first isn't due for another 6-7 weeks. Can't wait to see what I get this year. I "ordered" a nice buckling out of one of my unrelated does and I hope that she doesn't get the order mixed up. hehe

-- shari (, December 17, 2001


OOOHHHH I ment.... Who has the first kids DUE!!! So sorry

-- shari (, December 17, 2001.

My first are due around Feb 24, 25.

-- Rebekah (, December 17, 2001.

lol your first line and went aaaakkkkk!!! Please let it not be me!!! Then read the rest of it and knew what you ment. My first doe due is on Jan. 14.

-- diane (, December 17, 2001.

My first is due January 27th with 5 more to soon follow. :-) Can't wait. I miss those babies!

-- Wendy (, December 17, 2001.

Baby and Shasta are due the 8th of January. I'm ready to get Christmas out of here and get to the fun stuff, kidding. Can't wait, it's my favorite time of the year.

-- sherry (, December 17, 2001.

I want to start off by saying I'm glad I found this new forum and hope it stays going for a long time. We have had 6 kids and only one set of twins that gave us trouble while being born.My husband was at work and I had to do it by myself. But the mon was great and I got one pushed back so mom could have him. I still had to help pull both of them but it was a wonderful thing to be involved. The rest of our does are due to kid from now until the end of January. I can't wait.

-- Kim Blankenship (, December 17, 2001.

Had a bad yr last yr, well this past feb. I hope we never ever have that kind of yr again! We had never in all our yrs had a kidding season where we had so many complications. We 're due in early Feb, freshening 40 does between then and June.

By the way..... good luck to all on kidding, thinks does!

-- Bernice (, December 17, 2001.

I'm also looking for a few January kids(also relieved you meant DUE! lol) Maybe we should all post when those cute little creatures appear.

-- mary (, December 17, 2001.

I had twin bucklings born on Friday, and 2 more does are due on Saturday. Then more are due in January and February.

I guess I should introduce myself :-) I raise polled nubians and boer/nubian crosses in Oregon's High Desert. Glad to have another goat group to visit.

-- Julie (, December 17, 2001.

Julie, have you found bloodlines of Nubians who carry the polled gene? I have never seen one ever! You will have to tell us more about this! Do you have any pictures of their heads? Do they look the same as if they were disbudded? I am getting so lazy that this sounds like very good information to have !!! LOL Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 19, 2001.

Hi Shari,

Our Oberhasli kidding season will start the first week of March. I'm counting on a little Christmas money so I can send in an order for supplies to Jeffer's. No matter what or how much stuff I have- there's always something more I'll need. I think us goat moms should have kidding showers!

-- Charleen with Obies in WNY (, December 19, 2001.

I have one naturally polled Nubian. I've always bred her to a horned, so of course, about half of her babies are polled.

I'd read there were fertility issues with breeding polled to polled. I wonder if you have found this not to be the case?

-- mary (, December 19, 2001.

I like the idea of kidding showers!!! Would be fun.

-- shari (, December 19, 2001.

I have two nigerian moms due Feb 18 and 19. They are both tiny - only 16 inches! How they pack kids into those little bodies is truly miraculous!

-- Lynn (, December 19, 2001.

Mine will be along about the 23rd thru 26th of February. This is the first time I will have babies before mid April. I get so nervous about's like I need valium or something. The does are fine and I'm bouncing off the walls.

-- Doreen (, December 19, 2001.

hey mine are do March 1st through the end of march!!!they r already big!!!!!!!and i have been noticing that u guys breed ur does earlier than mine is my that ok or should it be sooner?or does it really matter? goats always*,brandon

-- Brandon Loulou (, January 11, 2003.

my typo i meant should i breed my does sooner?

-- Brandon Loulou (, January 11, 2003.

Depends on what you want and what your climate is like. I start breeding my does as soon as they come into heat in the fall. Why? Because I like to breed the doekids in their first year, at about 8 months old. If they're born May or later, they just don't get big enough to breed until next year, at a year and a half old. Additionally, if you take your goats to shows, it's nice to have big, well grown kids, and milkers who've been milking for a month or two, as the peak production comes (usually) 2-4 months after kidding. In other words, if the goat kids in the middle of May and her first show is on the first of June, she won't be producing as well as another doe who kidded in early March. She may even have some edema in her udder, which isn't good at all for a show! Some folks do breed for a late, very late kidding as well as a very early kidding, with half the does in each group, to assure a year round milk supply. This is most common with dairies.

-- Rebekah (, January 11, 2003.

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