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I've been wondering how reliable the CL test is? Also, what about vaccinating for CL? My situation is that I am looking for a couple of Lamancha does and have found a Lamancha breeder who has CL in her herd. She keeps the kids in a non-contaminated area of her farm, and raises them there, separate in every way. She has two does I might be interested in buying from her *if* there's a way to know for sure that they don't have CL. What can you all tell me? I can't find anything on the net about this, and I've been looking. Thanks in advance, Elizabeth

-- Elizabeth in E TX (, December 18, 2001


I would not endeavor into purchasing a goat from a herd that has CL. Its not worth the riskes and the heartbreak. Especially with this situation, CL lumps can be internal as well as external. She may have a great isolation situation and may be practicing good management of CL, however, Its not foolproof, she is really playing with a "loaded weapon!" Now you can manage CL by expelling the pus out of their abcess, then flood with iodine and dress. But its still a risk. Here is one on the vaccine, the jury is still out on it and has some unde side effects as well. here is a websitew on the vaccine:

Here are some websites on CL. One is from a meat goat site, but the pics explaining it are good.

Good luck, its a hard decision to make, but research what you can first.

-- Bernice (, December 18, 2001.

I agree with Bernice, I would pass. The real problem is, if you have CL in your herd, as the years roll by the goats have less an less abscess, no matter what you do. Move them, stress them and they pop up again. You will have no recourse if the does pop up abscess on your place, since she was forthright with you from the beginning. Just way to many nice LaMancha's around to deal with CL or CAE. They are also relatively inexpensive in Texas also. Just put yourself on every show persons list in the area, for does who freshen with udders they can't show.

I find the testing, other than the test on the abscess itself dubious! Now the boer folks will tell you otherwise. A positive test to a communicable disease would put me out of business, there is no place on a health certificate to put down that the doe is positive only because she was vaccinated! And yes the vaccination does raise the titer and make them CL positive on blood test. I won't vaccinate, and won't purchase stock from those who do. Supposedly if the level in the blood is only a certain amount than it is from vaccination, higher and it is from disease..............yeah right! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 19, 2001.

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