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I have 2 Irish Dexters that I need bred. If anyone in the vicinity of Palmer, Alaska has an Irish Dexter bull and is willing to put him out for stud service, please contact me via email. I can bring my heifer and cow to the bull or board the bull if he is reasonably gentle. These females are for sale bred or open and I also have 2 bull calves for sale.

-- David A. at Matanuska (, December 18, 2001


You can do two things (three if you put an ad in the paper). You can go back to where you bought your cows and ask if they know of any other breeders. Or you can check with your local breed club (registry) for other breeders around you. Does it have to be Dexter or will any mini cattle breed do? If it doesn't matter then someone might have a Lowline Angus, Mini Hereford, Mini Zebu, Mini Texas Longhorn, or something similar in size.

Good luck


-- animalfarms (, December 19, 2001.

Been there, done that, know all the options. Just looking for a Dexter bull close by or possible buyers.

-- David at Matanuska (, December 19, 2001.

I am interested in Dexters, but I don't know how we would get them to Kansas. Would have been easier when I lived in Fairbanks.

Have you considered artifical insemination?

-- Tom S. (, December 19, 2001.

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