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What Year was the Brownie Made? What is the approximate value of a Brownie in Mint Condition?

-- Bennie L. Edmonson (, December 20, 2001



I stumbled accross your question, like many others, you are trying to find prices on these cameras. The Brownie was developed in 1951, their value is under $10.00 mint right now is what I have found. But hold on to them for another 5 - 10 years they will jump up in price. This is what I am hearing. I have a camera, the Brownie Turret. Made in 1954, it is completely perfect and I can not get $2.00 on Ebay for it. Check out ebay to keep up on prices. I hope I have added a little info to help!! By the way here is a good site to goto: 79.shtml

Good luck!! Keith

-- Keith St. Pe (, February 26, 2002.

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