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In looking through the Jeffers livestock catalog, I saw both a band castrator and a band castrating tool. I know the latter is used with bands, but what about the former? What is the difference, how does each perform and which is the best method for use on a mini goat?

-- Lynn (, December 20, 2001


They sound like the same tool to me, but i don't have the catalog in front of me right now. To be honest, I really preder to use a knife. It does take some getting used to to cut into a live animal, but at least you know that you go it all, there will be no surprise breedings!

-- Rebekah (, December 21, 2001.

The tools are different looking and they advertise the band castrator as a "one person operation." Also that one is more expensive. As for the knife method, I'd have to see it a few times to be comfortable doing it!

-- Lynn (, December 21, 2001.

Well, I'm not sure what to say. The banding tool that I have looks like a lrger version of a paper puncher, except the business end has bent prongs, that when you squeeze the handle, speads the band open. About it being a one person operation, my opinion is that it is always better to have help to hold the kid, either wwith the knife or the banding tool. I could do either way by myself, but would just about have to sit on the kid to do it, you need both hands, one to make sure the testicles are in the scrotum and to keep them there, and the other hand using the tool.

-- Rebekah (, December 22, 2001.

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