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While updating the "Churches" page for Reedy Chapel (, I ran across the web site for the Atlanta East District, a presiding elder district of the Atlanta Conference of District 6. I liked the layout for several reasons:

Given these positives, is this the kind of model Bishop wants to follow for the Tenth, or is it the kind we should consider?

Another model is found at Payne Cathedral of Faith, Houston (Texas Conference). There, Rev. Hobbs has captured a picture of each pastor, in addition to the phone-book information for each site. I have replicated that model to a smaller degree for the South Houston District (Texas Conference), substituting web addresses for phone-book addresses at the moment (but it may grow).

Finally the third model may be found in Florida, which has moved to capture all churches in the connection that are web-based in a uniform way.

Which of these models works best for us? Take a look at the links provided, and let's have some discussion before we get together Founder's Day.

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2001


THe Atlanta solution still allows the individual church to have creativity. It proviedes tghe Unifrom Interface to be consistent with the other churches in the distgrict, but one of the links on certain pages is to the "creatiuve" site, where the church has full expression. Itg actually doesn't penalize or lmit the "creative" church, but assures that all are covered.

Take a look at St. Phillip.


-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

Good comments and find. I agree and we should include this type of information in the Guidlines, certainly in the online version. The Alanta East District site is a good example of the PE Site. It also solves the problem of the small churches not being able to have an individual church site. I do have a concern that we do not place restrictions or guidelines such that the individual churches cannot be creative. Consistent but not necessarily the same.


Al Paris

-- Anonymous, December 22, 2001

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