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That little stupid lookin "motorizeds rollerskate" was parked alongside the field right next to a real nice woods. This little red piece of trash was just like it was left [alongside I-70 west of Indiana on the south side of the highway]---hood up and door open! Apparently the owner got tired of drivin it and decided to just leave it where it died! It WAS rather comical -er -at least I thought so!! Lil Dumplin didn't see the humor in it as I did. She said something about us driving junk before and also something about feeling sorry for those poor folks. Of course I had to agree with'r but still thought it was kinda funny. I've done things a whole lot worse when the junk I was the not so proud owner of didn't start or function as designed! We won't go down that pathway right now, that is if ya'll don't mind --or even if ya'll do mind! [I just remebered where I left my sledge hammer about 15 years ago!]

Right over the little hill was moseyin an old yeller dog--lookin for sumpthing to eat I guess. Did I mention that the junk car wasn't even edible? Figgered the dog had tried. I also assumed he had "marked" his territory on a worn out tire when he found the main course tasted kinda like---junk! Gave a whole new meaning to the phrase of "junk food"!

I guess I don't have enough to do when I find little things like this amusing. Maybe I'll go get a REAL job of work. I've tried workin kinda easy for the last 4 and 1/2 years and it just didn't pan out. Actually, me and work had a fallin out years ago and never did make up!

Oh btw-I went with Lil Dumplin Christmas shopping! I didn't mention about not goin with her again, did I? I came close to laughin outloud several times watchin those Precious little gifts of Almighty God--as they looked and wished for every single toy in the toy store. It sure would've been nice if I'd had the money to've bought for'm.

I'm home now, of course! I'm brain dead too after all that watchin while Lil Dumplin shopped. I have come to the conclusion that I ain't any different than any other old hairy legged man. We ALL would've been much happier to've stayed home but because of our bein hen-pecked for so long--it's just easier to go along! Ya'll know it too-I'm just brave enough to admit it! Well-maybe that ain't exactly true either---I don't have any self-respect anymore! Yeah, thats it!!!

Ya'll have a most Blessed Christmas. Please remember the One whose birthday we celebrate. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, December 22, 2001


That red piece of junk food didn't happen to be a Chevy Citation, did it? I had one of those unfortunate pieces of misengineering and traded it in at a push opull or drag trade in deal...grrrr. I still won't buy anything with an engine that is red. Prejudiced??yup.

I'm not very good with shopping til you're dropping. I can do two hours and then I am OUT. There is just too much of everything, and I didn't need or want any of it until I saw that it existed. I'm working on contentment and remembering my my blessings....Everyone, I wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

-- Doreen (, December 23, 2001.

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