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This is going to sound strange I know, but here it is. We are raising our second and last child and my wife breast feeds, and while at work she pumps with a electric breast pump. She will be done with it by the time my goat has kidded. Is it possible to rig the pump to milk the goat??? I know it sounds weird but the thing has great power, cycles on and off from side to side. I am thinking if I could just adapt goat inflations/shells to it and maybe a bigger hose it may work? OK now you can let me have it! Thanks

-- Dean Graber (, December 24, 2001


HEY!! I'm not the only weird one! Breast fed all three of my kids---years ago---and recently ran across a BRAND NEW electric breast pump at a thrift store, complete with leather carry bag, 12 adapters, extra parts, all paperwork.....gave about $2.50 for it as it was sold by weight. Would have KILLED for this beauty about 19 years ago! Sure seems to me like I ought to be able to convert this thing (we are off-grid and always on the look-out for 12 volt devices), at least for milking pygmy does, which I am certainly not above when we keep running across them for free! Any luck yet on your conversion?

-- Irene (, February 04, 2003.

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