VX-1000 and XP operating system

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Hi I have a new Sony VAIO fx370 with XP and the VX1000 isn't recognized by the operating system. Apparently they didn't build a driver? Is this so? Is there somewhere I can get/buy a driver?

Someone suggested segmenting my hard drive and running another OS as in 98 which has the driver. Anyone tried this? I can't be the only one having troubles?



-- shawn farquhar (iamlostatsea@hotmail.com), December 25, 2001


Same Problem as you - XP is recognizind VX1000 but Premiere is not capturing. Was OK with Win 2000 Service Pack 2 . Someone at Videouniversity say that Sony is not supporting the OLD VX1000 for new Windows OS any longer..... I will not buy ANY Sony Product anymore ( no parts no shematics...)

-- Steven (SirSteven @gmx.at), February 10, 2002.

Hi all, I find a solution for XP and VX 1000 VX 700 and DHR 1000 for more Information send me a mail please.


-- Peter (Navaho@Postmaster.co.uk), July 09, 2002.

I had some probs with the Sony vx 1000e under Windows xp when i tried to caputre it always gave some strange picture out. After a long search on the Internet i found out that XP cant Differentiate between Sony vx 1000 which is NTSC and Sony vx 1000e which is PAL. So someone told me to install Service Pack 1 for XP and b00m now its working. I quess Microsoft fixed the problem with the Service Pack.

-- flip23 (kleinerflip@worldoftitus.com), November 29, 2002.

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