What's the deal with This??? (OBL)

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Headlines tonight, Bin Ladin escaped and is on one of his many ships at sea....Also reported Dead from Lung Disease....Yesterday he was living in luxury in a Pakistani home...The other day he rode of Afghanistan on a horse across the land to the sea to board his cargo ship to sail the high seas....Whoa. And we paid guys to watch him for us. He must be the Islamic Super Hero Action Figure to be dead and riding horses simultaneously. I think he's in a hotel in NYC watching all of this on the telly and laughing. Course I might have a twisted sense of humor. Where do you think he is?

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), December 25, 2001


Personally, I think he is riding around in a pink cadillac with Elvis.

-- Bob in WI (bjwick@hotmail.com), December 26, 2001.

I don't think we'll know until he sends out his next propoganda video. If, by any chance, he is dead, we'll never know.

-- mary (mlg@col.com), December 26, 2001.

It's rather like a perversion of "Where's Waldo?".

-- (XP@allydocious.not), December 26, 2001.

Even if THEY said they had found him, or his body in the smoking ruins of Tora Bora would you believe THEM?

-- john hill (John@cnd.co.nz), December 26, 2001.

Well John, if they showed a bunch of photos and had a plausible story to go along with it, *I* would believe it....believe it or not!!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), December 26, 2001.

I'll bet you a nickle [or some such] that we'll NEVER see him!......

But that pink caddy-a-lack.......interesting?

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), December 26, 2001.

I think I would probably believe a plausable account of his demise too.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), December 27, 2001.

The new Kabul government say he has escaped to Pakistan and is being sheltered in the North West Fronter Province.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), December 27, 2001.

Hmmm...that's strange.

I seem to recall seeing him talking to Elvis back when I was abducted by aliens :)

-- Nexar (Arax7@mvn.net), December 27, 2001.

OBL may or may not be history but where is Mullah Omar and do you think we will be hearing a lot from General Dostrum?

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), December 28, 2001.

I thought I saw Mullah Omar talking with Jimmy Hoffa when I was at Area 51 a few days ago. LOL

Seriously though, I don't know what to make of all the rumors. For all I know, OBL and Mullah Omar might well be having coffee and doughnuts at Bush's ranch in Texas. I don't remember who said it, but I remember a saying along the lines of "The truth is the first casaulty of war.".

I hope OBL is dead, be I can't possibly be THAT lucky! ^_^.

-- Nexar (Arax7@mvn.net), December 28, 2001.

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