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Beings kidding season is close at hand it would be interesting to see what everyones vacccination program is now that the holidays are over.

-- Joe (, December 26, 2001


4 weeks befoe they are due to kid, everyone gets their 2cc IM of Bar Vac CD&T and because we have had trouble in the past with environmental staph, besides a dry cow infusion we use the Lysign vaccination from Jeffers. 50 days before they are due to kid we boost their E with an E crumble from Horse Health (jeffers) With a change (not for the better) of our grain mix we will also for the first time in years be giving Bo-se injections, but I do heed the "OLD" warnings, no more than 3.5cc of Bo-se to any bred doe (abortion in sheep) and we wait to give it when we know if it does cause the abortion the kids are viable. Next year we will just be using the E/selenium crumbles and leave it at that. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 26, 2001.

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