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I am nearly positive all of my does are bred, they should all be at 3 months the first of January, yet they are taking turns acting like they are in heat. So much so, that yesterday I brought Bishop the buck down and put them each in with him for a bit to see if they might not have taken. They ALL just ran away from him and he didn't show the unfaltering interest he would have if they were in heat. Is this normal? I haven't had a buck on premises before and this is the first time I have had this kind of thing happen. Is that a factor? thanks!

-- Doreen (, December 26, 2001


Hey Doreen, what are they doing exactly that makes you think they are in heat?? Are you having weird weather fluxuations?? My girls get kind of weird when the weather is strange.

-- diane (, December 27, 2001.

Hey there! Well they are doing a lot of tail wagging, a little-just a little- head hanging and a bit of mounting. Also one of my little pigs is reluctant to come and get hooked up for grain sometimes. The weather has been a bit up and down temperature wise, but not wild fluctuations from day to day. Two of the does are showing a bit, or I am making them isn't showing at all, but she was the one that was most irritated by being put in with the buck.

I am just thinking that it may be the buck's proximity that is causing this, but I don't know for certain.

-- Doreen (, December 28, 2001.

Well, my girls being really loud Nubians ;>) never leave me a shadow of doubt as to if they are in heat because they stand by the gate leading in to the buck pen and SCREAM at me. My buck has always been in close proximity to my does; separated by woven wire and strands of electric. I like it that way because I seldom miss a heat cycle.

My girls do what you are discribing on occasion and I have always associated it with dominance issues.

-- diane (, December 28, 2001.

Hi Doreen, with some of your girls of swiss influence, watch them carefully, this is their favorite time of year to cycle, unlike your Nubian who will cycle late summer. And here is one of my stories;) Amber one of my best does is fat. Wide, large, deep and all the other good Nubian things, but she is also fat. I for the life of me couldn't figure out if she was bred, she holds her udder high and tight and had milked for 11 months that year, so her decreasing in milk wasn't really much of a clue. I noticed her flaggin in the barn, she was also pestering the other does, which is normal for her anyway, and sure enough when I lifted her tail it was sort of moist looking. I went and got an older buck and just put him in with everyobdy, and he did sniff her but nothing else. She KIDDED later that afternoon, she literally got her milk in and lost her ligiments in 12 hours or less. I felt stupid, felt even stupider when the kids were bonding with the buck, looking for something to nurse as he was licking them!! :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 30, 2001.

Do you think it would be good to go ahead and let the buck in with them for a couple of days just to see what happens? I can simply write it down as possible breeding dates and if they don't freshen when they are supposed to I will know when to look for them to do it for real!

That's a very cute story about Amber...Glad to know that folks with such vast experience still have surprises! Unfortunately- I can't have any surprise deliveries here. My luck it would be does delivered!

-- Doreen (, December 30, 2001.

Since I know Bishop's bloodline I would bet he would be fine with the does. But watch him. Some bucks pester does, even bred ones way to much to let them just run together. E (Easy Stream Essential) is in with my does still, I won't even take him out until a couple of weeks before the does are due to kid. I already have everyone confirmed with ultrasound which makes it nice (our goat group gets together and does it for 5$ a head, though I had mine done privately this year) It would be much better for you to have a suspected kidding date from May 19th to June 30th, just check for nasty tails each morning, than to have somebody not kid! You will have at least some clue that they are bred, with them all being older, its those first fresheners that are bears! So once uddered up good, use the ole superglue trick, nobody not even the best teat tape eater offer can get it off! Just check them at least 3 times a day for kids on the ground! And remember Nubians are notorius for letting other does kids nurse! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 30, 2001.

Well I just went and let him in with the does this afternoon just for the heck of it. He chased a bit and then they all just did their normal goat things....eating. What does ultrasound usually run? I don't know if the local vets even have it-that might be a good thing for me to do, tho'.

Now if he was in with them for four or five hours, and they aren't bred, they would cycle in 4-6 days, right? that would be clue for me! Thanks as always!

-- Doreen (, December 30, 2001.

Here putting a buck in the pen results in heat in 3 to 7 days, rarely do the girls wait for their normal 21 day cycle. You may find out that he does better in with them, and as long as you aren't milking, and he isn't stinking :) why not let him stay warm with them for the winter? Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 31, 2001.

Well I started Bishop's New Year off right, and he is in with my does. I think it's going to be quite beneficial. Even tho the does are a bit skeptical of their new roommate, he has taken the advocate position with Peaches so the feisty Alpine I have is no longer picking on her at all. THAT makes me very happy. It was so cute...last night I went to check that they were all settled and no one was shoved outside, and Bishop and Peaches were laying together in the prime position and my other does were laying together as well. For some reason it seems like goats are rascist. The Alps stick together, the Toggs, stick together and the Nubians stick together...weird. Anyway, all is well and good in the goat world. I only need to widen one of the keyholes so that Bishop can get his big ole neck in it more comfortably. He's getting to be quite the buck! Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

-- Doreen (, January 01, 2002.

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