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I'm customizing PR/MVS Data Shopper - version 3.1 - but I'm having some problems because the only manuals I have are: "Data Shopper user guide 3.1" and "Data Shopper administrator guide 1.5" - it is really insuficient.

I would be very greatfull if someone can help me with more information about Shopper.


-- Rute Félix (, December 28, 2001


I think your best hope would be to contact Computer Associates' technical support line. Data Shopper was marketed by PLATINUM technology to act as an intelligent interface to the Platinum Repository. I'm assuming you know that, but perhaps others reading this do not. I'm not sure if Data Shopper is still marketed by CA, but they would be best source of additional information on this product.

Good luck!

-- Craig S. Mullins (, January 01, 2002.

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