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Has anyone used the nutrina brand 'top goat'? Or the nutrina brand dairy mix? A local store is carring these and I wanted to know if anyone has good luck using them. There isn't much difference in the ingredients but the dairy feed does have .20 Selenium to the top goats .03 ppm.

-- shari (smillers@snowcrest.net), December 28, 2001


I haven't used it, but you should make CERTAIN that it doesn't have animal protein. Last spring when Purina bought those thousand head of cattle to desttroy here in Texas they came out and said that they wouldn't be using any overseas animal producs in their feed, but Nutrena didn't. So I would just caution you to check that aspect. Good luck!

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), December 29, 2001.

Have no idea though Nutrena is a dealer out here. Haven't checked them out. Could you list the tag for us? In exact order? Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), December 30, 2001.

Here is a web page with the feed ingredients for the Top Goat Feed. www.dayvillesupply.com/image/topgoatsweetfeed.jpg

-- shari (smillers@snowcrest.net), December 30, 2001.

Sharri, I have tried both feeds and found that for my girls palatability wasn't very high (in other words, they thought it tasted yucky). A friend of mine just down the road has had goats for years and has always fed them Nutrena's goat grain and they do fine on it. My girls may just be picky! When I fed them on the Nutrena, they would not eat as much grain and their production went down. When I switched them back to Poulin, their milk production went back up.

-- Sheryl in Me (radams@sacoriver.net), January 05, 2002.

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