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my doe is supposed to kid the middle of Feb. how soon should i breed her back to my buck. thank you in advance.

-- myra gail akins (, December 29, 2001


What breed is she? What are you doing with her? If she is a dairy goat and you are going to be milking her, don't breed her back until the fall. Swiss breeds do not usually come into heat out of breeding season. If she is another breed that comes into heat regardless of the season, she should still have a good three months to heal and produce milk for her kids.

-- Rebekah (, December 29, 2001.

I personally would not breed for at least 8 months, the reason i say this is because from an experience we had last yr with fall kiddings from hubby's lights! long story! But anyways it stressed the does too much, their milk production was not enough to sustain the kids and we had to use replacer or when that ran out store milk. But that wa sour experience, maybe someone else might have had a better experience.

-- Bernice (, December 30, 2001.

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