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This is actually for Vicki, In a previous post regarding Cocci, it was mentioned to check for sulfaquinoxiline 20%. If this is mixed with their water, how can you be sure that each kid is getting his dosage? Or do you mix it up and bottle feed it? Can it be mixed with their milk? Are the additional B vits still necessary with this treatment? Thanks in advance.

-- Charleen with Obies in WNY (, December 30, 2001


I don't mix anything in water. Ours goats are much to smart for that ;) And the last thing you want is for your good milkers or bucks or even kids to consume less water, and that is exactly what they do! The suflaquinoxiline 20% is great because the dosage is only 2cc per 50 pounds, mixed with a little Kero syrup it eaisly goes down with a syringe. I mix it right into their bottles or lambar, and it isn't enough taste to flavor it, because they drink it right down.

No sulfa's do not bother the B vitamins. Corrid does but not in the way most folks think. Cocci occysts need Thiamin to move from one lifecycle to another, a more harmful one. So Corid blocks this absorption, and so folks put one and one together and think they should feed B1 during cocci treatments, but the Corrid is only blocking it in the cocci, not the goat. Yes overfeed it at too high of dosage or for to long and you could have problems, but you could have problems with lots of things, dosed at the wrong dosage, or fed forever, including sulfas! And always this is what works for me! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, December 30, 2001.

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