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Our sweet great pyr Blossom is going to be a mother around the 26th of January. We got Blossom when she was about 3 months old ,3 years ago, put her in with our newly acquired goats and she has always been wonderful.We bred her to a very good male. I want to raise the very best pups I can and want to sell them at 10 weeks so they'll be well socialized. Here's my questions do I leave her in the goat pen with her pups. Has anyone had any problems with new moms getting agressive towards the goats, I'll also have new kids at the same time. This is going to be a January to remember. What do yal think.

-- sherry (, January 01, 2002


Sherry, I've done it both ways at 2 difeerent goat farms. I was put in charge of the Pyrenees raising at the 1st one. Up until I took over they had not raised a litter sucessfully. I moved the new mother and puppies into my bedroom. The mother dogsd were really large and would lay on the puppies and they suffocated. So I would sleep with one ear open, and when I heard a muffled puppy crying, I would get up and pull it out from under the mom. I saved all the puppies by doing that. When they had their eyes open and could get around safely, they were put in the barn next to the goats. The mothers never showed any aggressiveness toward the goats. When the puppies were old enough to go up with the big dogs they went along to learn. On the other farm the mothers did not have the problem of laying on the pups, they were not as large and perhaps that is why. One mohter had her pups in the pen with the goats and I had to put them in a better spot so they would not get walked on by the goats(we had hundreds there). They also took the pups along with them when they were big enough. Good luck and have fun, they are beautiful puppies.

-- Karen in Kansas (, January 02, 2002.

The mother probably won't show any aggression towards the goats since she knows they are hers to protect, im assuming. If you want the puppies to grow up as working dogs also, they should be kept in close proximity of the their own pen though, so they don't get trampled at first. Human contact should be minimal if you want them to be working dogs, but it's hard to stay away from cute little puppies. It all depends on who you plan on selling them to...then you can decide where to keep and how to raise them.

-- D M (, January 04, 2002.

Hi, I'm looking for a Lady who lives in Aiken, S.C. who has Great Pyrenese puppies Free to good homes. I spoke with her a month ago and had a problem with my computer and can't find her E-mail. I think her name was Bonnie. I'm supposed to be picking up a pup the end of March hope I can find her. If anyone knows of her let me know Thank You, Kim

-- Kim Leathers (, March 15, 2002.

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