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Question? According to the Utility Guide and Reference Manual, V5, Page 2-61, it states: Restrictions: You cannot make incremental copies of the DSNDB01.DBD01 and copies of table space DSNDB01.SYSUTILX in the directory, or DSNDB06.SYSCOPY in the catalog. For those objects, COPY always makes a full image copy and places the SYSCOPY record in the log. Does this mean that you will find no entries on an Image Copy that was done on DSNDB06.SYSCOPY? If this is true, what was the reasoning for not including an entry? Any feedback on this question would be appreciated. Edward Majerczak

-- Edward Majerczak (, January 02, 2002


The reason the each full image copy of the SYSCOPY table space is recorded in the log is to make it available for recovery. Keep in mind that recover reads SYSCOPY in order to perform, but if SYSCOPY is being recovered you might not be able to accurately read SYSCOPY in order to recover it. But the log will be accessible.

Cheers, Craig

-- Craig S. Mullins (, January 02, 2002.

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