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Hi. I have had my goats for a few years now. Two were papered, but, I never followed up on them and can't find the paper (at the time, papering just wasn't important), and don't remember the name of the farm I bought them from. One came from a registered doe, but I don't know the herd name, and thus, she has no paper. How do I register them now, so that I can sell them? Thanks

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, January 03, 2002


check the ear tatoo. One will be the herd ID, usually in left ear and the other is their year letter, for exapmly last yr was P and then the birth order or whatever # the breeder assigns to that doe. If you can e-mail adga they can tell you this. Oh, forgot about LaManchas, they are in the tail.

If that doesn't work, you can register them as recorded grades, however, their pure breeding status will be lost.

-- Bernice (, January 03, 2002.

Bernice must be tired, their herd ID will be in the right ear. Place a flashlight behind the ear from the hair side, and shine it into the middle and see if you can see anything. Also in your area are goat clubs, in my area if you were to call me with a Nubian, between me and the gals in the club we know who has what tattoo. If you can read it, then ADGA can tell you who it belongs to, but won't give you any other information. So come to us and we can tell you how to contact them. You really have to find the paperwork for it to add to the value for a sale. Having brown, Native on apperance paperwork is not going to up their value, there sire and dam will be unknown or unregistered. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 04, 2002.

Thankyou very much for your info! In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, January 11, 2002.

You are so welcome. Gosh Vicki, I was tired, got that really turned around on the ears

-- Bernice (, January 12, 2002.

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