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For the last several years, I have been developing a social skills program for the elementary level. Choice Theory is the basis for instruction for our 3rd through 5th grade students. In addition, I have for the last three years written a blurb for our weekly bulletin to not only to inform my cohorts of learnings their students are experiencing, but to also educate them about Choice Theory. Feedback has been positive; some have even mentioned they look forward to the weekly blurb. One, obviously a friend, said I should consider writing a book some day. Well, I have thought often that the weekly bulletin entries would be entertaining reading and would make good material for a book. The only addition to content I would like would be to enlist the help of some people with more Choice Theory knowledge to write prefaces for each entry explaining my rationale. I see the finished product as being very entertaining and educational. Could you forward names of potential publishers? Names of potential co-writers? Your name, perhaps? No rush. TD

-- Ted Donato (, January 04, 2002

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