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My three year old saanan doe Baby is sick and I caused it.Her due date is the 8th of this month. Here's what I did. Yesterday my husband i got her on the stand for udder clipping and hoof trimming. I fed her BOSS , alfalfa pellet and alittle feed. I quess I fed her more than I should have. When I went to feed this morming she had very loose bowls like when they get when they eat to much green grass , so I separated her with only hay and gave her 2oz. kaolinn pectin. Now she vomiting chopped up looking food including the sun flower seeds from yesterday. She is eating hay and drinking and seems to feel ok. I can't believe I'v put her under this stress this close to her kidding time. Help... Thanks in advance

-- sherry mullins (, January 06, 2002


Give her baking soda, if she still has trouble you may want to get her to a vet, especially considering her advance pregnancy.

-- Rebekah (, January 06, 2002.

You might want to give her some probios too. It helps with getting the proper bacteria going in the rumen. If you don't have that, give her some yogurt. It's not as good, but still a help. Only grass hay, as it has bicarbonate in it.

I'm kind of wondering if she might kid early, too. Best of luck with her. Oh- do you know about Goat 911?

Goat 911

I have it set at Texas, but just scroll to your state and perhaps someone will be near you.

-- Doreen (, January 06, 2002.

Sherry if she vomited she could very eaisly have lost her cud, along with all the good bacteria in her gut. I would start her instantly on Probios, and syringe her yogurt with natural acidophilus in it. I would also give her B1/Thiamin injections since all the B vitamins a doe produces is from her rumen. You will have to be careful about her being only on a grass hay diet, maybe grass hay before her feed, as she needs the calcium from the alfalfa pellets at this stage of her pregnancy. You will need to watch her very carefully, if she refuses food, shakes, acts blind, you will need to use the vet immediatily! She could easily be thrown into ketosis/hypecalcimia, rumen acidosis or polio from this. Try to replenish her rumen. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 06, 2002.

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