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Yea my kid has big ears, Big Floppy ears. Baby was in the pen with our saanan buck and I witnessed the breeding. Someway somehow our Boer buck got to Baby because this kid is half boer and has a light tan head. Yesterday when I posted the kid wasn't even dry and I assumed he was just a little floppy and would be perked up this morning.Looking at him this morning, my glasses must have been dirty or something. This would have disappointed me greatly if the kid had been a doe but now I have a heavier kid, so all is well. I've chuckeled at myself all morning over this. Hope everyone is having a good day.

-- sherry mullins (, January 08, 2002


Sherry I have one of those stories also. A very nice Nubian doe of mine had a buck presold out of my then, senior buck Eric. When I delivered her 2 weeks early, there were two really nice doelings and a buckling. I brought them in the house and defrosted the colostrum, I was thinking to myself how nice and healthy they were for 2 weeks early, and what really odd coloring they were for my usual red with white splashes or black with white splashes. Wasn't until I started feeding them that I realised they had no ears! Yep, my Yazz buck Shuttle had made some sort of secret rondavouse with her that I never knew about, and to this day do not know how she got bred to him, the buck pen is on the front of our property and the does are in the back. Thank goodness I hadn't called the gal to tell her "your buck was born" Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 09, 2002.

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