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This am. one of my does, due the end of February had a string of manure hanging from her butt. She was all about eating as per usual, and temp 100.4, her eyes were a bit runny, gums fine, colors of the eyes fine, chewing her cud. The stuff coming out of her was held together by some kind of mucous. It actually looked fleshy. She is kind of overweight. I haven't seen this kind of feces in a goat. She fought like crazy against me taking her temp. Like she was sore. I have NOT fed them hot peppers. No changes in feed either. Any ideas?

I isolated her, gave her warm water with molasses and vinegar, grass hay, baking soda and just a bit less than 1/2 of her morning grain. She has some trees and grass to eat where she is as well, but nothing rich.

-- Doreen (, January 13, 2002


Can you elaborate on "string of manure", was it hard, like she was constipated? Did it have a possible foreign object in it, ie. fabric, string, plastic, etc.? I'm assuming she's been dewormed regularly, I would keep her isolated and watch every bowel movement. Since goats go pretty often, have you noticed any other b.m.s today like the 1st one?

-- Sharon in AL (, January 13, 2002.

Sorry, I don't know how I missed the "held together by some kind of mucous". And, I'm sorry to say that I haven't got a clue.... :o(

-- Sharon in AL (, January 13, 2002.

I would worm her Doreen. And use Valbazen. I also would not hold back on her grain especially if it is her only source of calcium. Also look into that and make sure that calcium is an ingredient in her grain. I was shocked to see some boer feed just the other day with absolutly no copper or calcium level in the grain mix! Check your hay and make sure she is eating plenty, she should be 102 even with the cold, a rumen full of hay will keep her warmer. I would also put a tshirt on her, something to keep her body temp in, even though she is fat, you don't want her eating her fat to keep warm can throw her into ketosis. I would start her on niacin, go to for the amount, and just use the kind from wallmart. With the kids getting large, if she isn't a well built animal (narrow in the front end) her rumen may be being squished from all the kids growing. A small rumen makes for a cold, depressed acting goat. Perhaps offering her hay more often, grain in more than 2 feedings will help her eat smaller portions more often. O.K. I am through guessing! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 14, 2002.

She seemed alright yesterday afternoon and her poop was back to normal. I couldn't get on line at all yesterday to check back in on what you all reccommended. She really goobles her grain! I'll check into the things you mentioned, Vicki. Thanks!!

-- Doreen (, January 14, 2002.

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