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My gggg grandfather, Baldwin (Baldy) Henderson Jones, born in Stanly Co (or Montgomery Co) April 27, 1827. In desparate search for parents or any information regarding siblings and their descendents. He married Elizabeth Sarah Anne Ragland (of Chatham Co).

Siblings were: Robert Mark Jones - b. abt 1810 Allen W. Jones - b. abt 1819; d. abt 1895 m. Velina Terrell Brooks Mary Jones m. James Fields Elizabeth A. Jones - b. 1832; d. 1912 m. Horace E. Fields James Jones - d. abt 1847 Martha Jones m. Westly Talbot/Talbott unknown sister #1 - said to have gone to Shelby Co, (state unknown) unknown sister #2 - said to have gone to Shelby Co, (state unknown)

I am in contact with several kin doing research, but we are all stuck. PLEASE HELP if these names ring any bells.

Family Fun, Mary

-- Mary Rosser Holley (, January 13, 2002


I, too, am researching the Jones's of Stanly County. I descend from Jason Jones who moved to Stanly County in 1846; paid taxes the first time in 1847. His son Wiley Allen Jones who married Sarah Cagle was my ggg grandfather. This past weekend I spent two days in Raleigh researching through the Stanly County records on file there. As of today, I have not been able to learn the parents of Jason but the search will continue. If you run across something, I would appreciate the information.

I don't know much at all about Baldy Jones but I did find in "Stanly County Entry Book 1841-1893". Recorded on the page are the words: Entry Takers Office February 9, 1841 - Records: CR089.404.1

537 December 11, 1846: Balda H. Jones: Entering 100 acres of land on the Concord Road adjoining Garret Carters and Michael Fasperman's line.

From: List of Taxable Property - CR089-701.3 - 1859-1869 In 1861, in District 9, there was a Reo S. Jones paying taxes. No poll, nor real property but listed 3 slaves valued at $1,900.

In District #2, there was a Robert Jones paying taxes amounting to $1.20

Also, paying taxes in District 7 through these years were Jason, Wiley, and Alexander Jones.

In 1867, R. M. Jones Estate (District 2) paid $1.20 taxes on 300 acres of land.

Mark Jones property was described in 1844 as being on Yadkin River.

There is a "big" estate file for Mark Jones in Raleigh, NC, which lists the distribution of his propety among his nieces and nephews. (I did not copy the file because I did not see either my Wiley Allen Jones or Jason Jones.)

When I started researching, I accumulated a small package of information from (I think) the Stanly County library or it could have been the family files of the NC Archives. Regretfully, I wasn't as careful back then about marking where I copied and collected data.) There is a letter dated 16 July, 1984 from Jonathan B. Butcher to Lu J. Koontz of New London, NC. In this letter, Mr. Buthcer states his objectives were to determine "Charles' origin." Jonathan Butcher said that "Allen Jones, Sr. 'Was a brother to Robert Jones of Raleigh, NC, who was the grandfather of Dr. Riddick of the N.C. State College'." [Died in Raleigh in 1865.] "...In Stanly Co. we find records of the estate of Mark Jones, who died in 1858, with Robert M. Jones, administrator. Mark was a bachelor, and the heirs of his estate were his many nieces and nephews, who included Robert M. Jones of Wake Co. and Allen Jones of Moore Co. ...Further we find record of the sale of Mark Jones' lands after his death. These were largely inherited, and, by comparison with land grants, enable us to identify his father as Charles Jones. One other deed identifies Mark's brother, the father of Allen W. Jones, as William Jones. Charles Jones is traceable in Montgomery County back to 1779, date of that county's formation, and thus hopefully out of the realm of burnt records."

There are several pages of information breaking out the family connection of Charles and lists other family members and too much for me to describe here. If I descended from this family, it would be good material to allow me to document the accuracy of the report. If you don't have this information and want a hard copy of this mailed to you, you can let me know.

Now, if you find any information on my Jones line or learn a connection, I would appreciate sharing information.

-- Barbara Moore (, January 17, 2002.

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