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Hi Everyone,

We have at various times raised bull calves on milk replacer. I would like to get some non-medicated milk, however it is more than twice the price of the medicated. Is this a common thing? Does anyone know of a source to buy non-medicated at a reasonable price? I am located in south GA. I currently pay about $ 22. for a 25# bag of the medicated stuff. It works out to about .88 per gal for the medicated. The only non medicated I can find is $ 2.50 per gal. Thanks For any help, Ginger

-- ginger (, January 14, 2002


I have no idea where to get unmedicated milk, but my tip is that you had better stock up on the medicated at that price because come spring time around here it goes up. Way up. Probably about 30.00 a bag. Good luck.

-- renabeth (, January 14, 2002.

Hi, That's amazing that prices where you are go up. We have done this on and off for years and the price has never changed except for the one and only "normal" price increase from the first time we ever bought it. Thanks Though, Ginger

-- ginger (, January 14, 2002.

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