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My son really wants La Manchas, and I like them too, so I'm thinking about getting started in them. What lines do you recommend? What are the weaknesses of this breed?

I was thinking about grading up by breeding to some of our Alpines or Recorded grade Alpines, using A.I. I really like the appearance of Hogg's Hideaway Chimera and was thinking about using this line. Any advice on La Manchas?

-- Rebekah (, January 15, 2002


Hi Rebekah - I raise LM's & have 2 Chimera granddaughters. It's totally up to you what you want to do . . . my advice would be to go spend a few days surfing Duh Goatman & check out some of the different styles of LM's to find which one you really like, then go from there.

Personally, I think if it's at all possible, you should try to start OUT w/ what you want . . . then use that to develop your own line of Chimera Juniors - but that's just b/c I'm too impatient to "breed up", LOL!

Just IMHO, as always . . .

Regards, Sarah/MI

PS - where are you located? I'll have kids for sale soon! ;)

-- Sarah Sanders/MI (, February 21, 2002.

Oooooh....That is SO tempting! I really don't mind grading up though, with La Manchas it is not a real big issue. One thing I know that I want if I get into Manchas, is length of bone and dairy character, and good high rear udders. NO roman noses. ( No offense to Nubian breeders)

Anyway, that is what I love about Chimera, that tall, long boned frame, long graceful neck. She has the same type of body as some of my Alpines, but no ears, and different color. I also really like the South Fork bloodlines. I was sort of thinking about getting a bunch of semen from these lines, and using maybe the South Fork lines for the initial crossing, with one of my tall, long boned Alpine girls. Then cross into the Chimera lines as we get closer to American La Mancha. That would bring the stature and length of bone back. What do you think?

-- Rebekah (, February 22, 2002.

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