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I have recently taken to experimenting with SX70 manipulation but have had little success. I have a couple of questions 1) can you expose several images on location and then using either a radiator or hairdryer carry out manipulation later? 2) Are the best tools kintting needles as I have been told of key rings, thumb nails and cigarette lighters? 3) Are small strokes working on a specific area of the image at one time best? 4) Does the working temprature have an direct effect on the manipulation on location?

Many thanks for your time

Trevor Yerbury

-- Trevor Yerbury (, January 16, 2002


Hi Trevor, Here's what works best for me. I normally manipulate my images approx. 2 hrs. after they are taken. I find that the emulsion seems to "thicken" and in effect gives me more control. At that time,I place a piece of glass over a heating pad set to the medium setting and begin to smoosh the image around with wooden sculpting tools,tools for etching and just about anything that will push the image around without scratching the top mylar coating.The key,I think, is finding the right amount of pressure to apply.So,I would suggest to start out with a light hand and gradually increase the pressure as you go until you find what works best for you. I work on one area at a time and find it is best to work on darker areas first [especially deep blues] as they seem to harden quicker.So, dark first,light last.You can also freeze fully developed polaroids for up to 2 weeks[I use a ziploc]for manipulation later. With fresh polaroids,I've worked on them as much as 2hrs.with excellent results,but found when working on frozen ones[they defrost almost immediately,by the way]the time for manipulating them tends to drop in half.Another tip I would suggest is to under-expose your photos by 1-2 marks past the "normal setting.This tends to give you more deeply saturated colors [especially blue skies]and provides a better manipulation.With practice you'll find that all of a sudden everything kinda falls into place and you've developed your own style and technique.But, plan on wasting alot of film in the meantime!

-- Shelley Barry (, April 04, 2002.

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