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Well, I am needing to sell out of my quilting machine. It is an American Professional Quilter. The second to the top of its line. With it goes multiply years of material and accessories. Any takers? In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (iblong2Him@ilovejesus.net), January 18, 2002


Sissy...I have always quilted by hand, 100%, so what IS a quilting "machine"? I thought that was me.LOL, also, please remind us where you live so folks could conjure up shipping cost, etc....how big is this thingamajig anyway? Thanks and God bless.

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), January 18, 2002.

Isn't a quilting machine a rather large machine that you pass your finished quilt thru and it sews them altogether?

-- (notelling@notnow.com), January 18, 2002.

Hello. I am located in Flagstaff Arizona. I got this machine in Dec. 2000. I used it a total of 5 times. It is very nice, and in excellent shape. I am just a 'hand quilter' by heart though, and need to pass it on to someone else. It is a long arm manual quilter and will quilt a kingsize quilt in 45 minutes. It comes with the original books/tapes (3), extra accessories, like needles/bobbins, etc. Has 6 pattern scrolls. I bought it for 3000. and would like to see that back, or close to it. Although, to the right person, I would consider a lesser price. I will barter also. The table is 12 feet long. That is the hard part of moving/shipping it. it all comes apart, except the table top. I know that UPS will ship it though, but am not sure of the cost. There is always the possibility of us traveling with it on the trailer, and meeting half way. I have met 2 couples now, one in Missouri and one in Arkansas, who use this exact same quilter for a part and full-time business. In both cases, she pieces, and he quilts. Let me know your thoughts.

In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (iblong2Him@ilovejesus.net), January 19, 2002.

Did you ever sale your machine? If not, is there a site on the net I can a picture? Do you move the quilt or machine to quilt? Thank you and God Bless, Phylis

-- Phyllis M. Sager (hellopms@att.net), March 10, 2002.


If you still have this machine, could you please forward more info...



-- kathy Bishop (kathybishop@quickclic.net), August 18, 2002.

Do you still have the machine? If so, do you have any pictures. I have been looking for over a year and haven't found anything that I can afford. Thanks, Carol

-- Carol (IBETEXAS@aol.com), September 07, 2002.

Could you post a picture or give a site to see it? Also, what brand?

-- Ginger Mitchell (mitchellsinidaho@aol.com), September 13, 2002.

Ran across your web page and could not tell whether or not you still have the machine for sale. If so please contact, if not, thank you anyway.

-- judy merrick (heyjude@toast.net), October 08, 2002.

Is this machine still for sale? Please post and let us know. Thank you.

-- MLogsdon (mlogsdon55@aol.com), October 08, 2002.

My mother makes quilt tops for everyone as gifts. She pays to have them quilted. My siblings and I would love to give her a quilting machine for Christmas. She is a widow and this is how she feels her long days. She wants everyone in her family to be warm even after she is gone. How much are you selling your machine for?

-- Rebecca Nichols (rnichols@kavts.tec.ok.us), October 31, 2002.

Please let me know if you did not receive my direct email.


-- Bill Miller (InsDezign@aol.com), November 08, 2002.

Do you still have the machine for sale?

-- J. Damiani (damiani4@aol.com), November 18, 2002.

Is the machine still for sale? I live in Prescott Valley, AZ. Thanks for prompt reply...looking to spend some of hubbies money! Ha- ha...Patt

-- Patricia Swain (omega@commspeed.net), December 17, 2002.

Would like to buy a quilting machine let me know if you still have it i want a used one Thanks Jenny

-- Jenny Leonard (jendavleon@aol.com), December 25, 2002.

have you sold machine? am interested in purchasing one...if yours is sold, may I ask where you purchased it originally? We do not have a dealer in our area. Thanks,


-- S. Kelly (catfish4186@aol.com), January 18, 2003.

I am interested in purchasing a quilting machine. I you still have machine , please let me know. Thanks Bettye

-- Bettye Smith (lwofford@spiff.net), January 22, 2003.

I have been quilting for years by hand and love it,but now my right hand is out of order and I don't know if I will ever get it back.So if you think it would work out with a one handed person please let me know.Please this is not a joke,,would love to be able to quilt again.

-- LINDA DUKE (dukeklinda@aol.com), January 26, 2003.

is this machine for sale what make model how much money

-- gary ellis (imguttermaster@aol.com), February 08, 2003.

Do you still have this machine. I would love to hear from you

-- (sandsailer@peoplepc.com), March 08, 2003.

Do you still have the quilting machine? I use to have an embroidery shop and sold out a few years ago..I think I would love to do the quilting as I sure miss the embroidery business and this is something I could sat up in my home......

-- Barbara Boggs (GaGranny01@aol.com), March 11, 2003.

Do you still have your quilting machine to sell? I am looking for one that I can afford.

Joyce Kama, Reading, PA

-- Joyce Kama (stareyes12@aol.com), March 16, 2003.

Do you still have your machine for sale? If so what are you asking for it?

-- Pat DiPietro (PatQuilts@comcast.net), April 29, 2003.

Does anyone still have a quilting machinge they wish to sale and for how much. Please e-mail me at mareweb@hotmail.com

-- Mary Webster (mareweb@hotmail.com), May 25, 2003.

send us your offers of used quilting machines of not older than 1992 year

-- om bhatia (loomdrape@net4india.com), June 05, 2003.

I have a quilting machine with following specifications.

Importee from Switzerland to India (Swiss Made). Make = 1989. Width 84". Excellent working condition. Currently it is in our Bangalore Factory. Ready for Immediate Sale. Offer is for 650,000 Rupees. Also associated machinery is available for good deal.

Contact : 91 80 668 1029. (In Bangalore, India)

-- Aijaz (aijazahmed_india@yahoo.com), June 05, 2003.

Sissy, do you still have your quilting machine for sale? I know it has been a long time, but just now read your listing. Grace

-- Grace (gkirk38@cox.net), June 25, 2003.

Have you sold your quilting machine. I'm looking for one to buy.

-- Hilda Spears (spears49@bellsouth.net), July 06, 2003.

July 16, 2003 I am looking for a used quilting maching from gammill or APQS. I would like to any information from any one, if you know of some one who is selling one. Even the grace table or hinterburg table would be fine. Thanks for your help. Lea Hurst

-- Lea Hurst (celestialea@yahoo.com), July 16, 2003.

hello i saw your advert for the machine you about to sell,i will like you to send the picture of the machine to view.b,cos i'm very much inteterested in it.ans also i have been looking for the type of machine this is opportunity for me so tell me if you wil like to sell it. thanks

-- peter mark (purgy4@yahoo.com), August 17, 2003.

i would also like to see a photo and could be intrested in the machine if it is still for sale thanks

-- diana (caretaker64@aol.com), September 10, 2003.

i was woundering if you sold the machine and where are you thak=nks joyce

-- joyce dougherty (joyce123@direcway.com), October 03, 2003.

Is this still for sale?

-- Jeremy Bennett (jeremybennett@idahovandals.com), January 01, 2004.

i would like very much to see picture of the machine and a price. i very much interest in it

-- jennifer winters (winter@iqnetsys.net), January 18, 2004.

I am interested in your sewing machine if it is still available. Thanks~~Diana

-- Diana Flener (dianafl@bellsouth.net), January 25, 2004.

Well----Is it still for sale? Would like to see a pic.


-- Carol Fillyaw (mitzi11@suwanneevalley.net), February 05, 2004.

Is your quilting machine still available? Living in Payson, so that's not too far to travel. Thanks.

-- (pfrost@cybertrails.com), February 19, 2004.

What is the status of your machine for sale?

Please send details

-- Barbara Bernardy (bbernardy8@aol.com), February 24, 2004.

How about an update on this old posting. THANKS

-- harriet Christensen (dchristensen@cinci.rr.com), March 01, 2004.

Is the machine still available? I would like some info please. Barb

-- Barb (bleiby@hotmail.com), March 09, 2004.

To all of you who are looking for a great quilting machine. I have come to the difficult decision to sell mine. With a baby I am just not able to keep up with the customer demand.

It is a deluxe gammill with statler stitcher (computer assisted) option. It has a 14 foot table with "lift bar" for adjusting your batting. You can run it manually like all the other Gammill's or turn on the computer for amazing designs and patterns.

This is the best machine I personally have ever seen and love it. With over 400 patterns programmed into the computer you will look like a seasoned pro the first day.

I have been doing this for a part-time business and as well as a great hobby. If you would like to see the machine go to the manufacturer's website at www.statlerstitcher.com

I live in Utah just south of Salt Lake City. The machine is 3 years old and runs like a charm. New, this machine costs just over $30,000 plus shipping and setup. Asking $19,000-firm.

-- Linda Pontius (dbpontius@yahoo.com), April 21, 2004.

I have my Mother's quiting machine for sale. I am located in Omaha, Nebraska. It is an American Professional Quilting Machine, Ultimate I, purchased new in 2000. I must sale. I need to sell her house and I have no room to store the machine. Please e-mail me with any questions.

-- Patty Kimball (pkchef@cox.net), May 25, 2004.

I have a APQS Ultimate II For sale. It is about 8 yrs. old. Was in storage for 5yrs. We just done quilts for our family. Would like to sell and up upgrade. Sent head into APQS And they went trought machine & returned with good bill of Health. It has a 12' table & several bobbons. machine & table exellent shape.

-- Thomas D. Holder (tholder51@hotmail.com), June 01, 2004.

I am interested in purchasing a used long-arm machine. Would like to trade 60" Cranbrook J60 weaving loom if anyone is interested. Located in SE USA.

-- Rebecca Rummel (Rummelw@bellsouth.net), June 02, 2004.

I have a Gammill Premier long arm quilting machine for sale. I have owned it for 2yrs, It was purchased used from the Gammill factory. I need to sell the machine since I havent had the time to make good use of it. It comes with the 12 ft quilting stand table, patterns, templates, straight edges, many threads, a roll of batting, and several instruction books.

-- Jeanne Oberrieth (joberr@earthlink.net), June 17, 2004.

I have a Nustyle Model 228 that my partner and I have used in our quilting business for the past nine years. The machine was purchased new and has a 14 foot wooden table. It has been very well maintained and the reason we are thinking of selling it is my partner is leaving the business to await her first grand baby. Our price is $2500.00 plus any shipping charges involved. If you have any questions you can contact me at MMCovey@aol.com.


-- Mary Covey (MMCovey@aol.com), June 29, 2004.

HI I am looking for a used long arm quilting machine and thought this might be as good a place as any to find one if someone is looking to sell.I am looking to do a business out of my home as I got hurt and need to work from home anyone with something to sell please onctact me .You can also call 603 233 2674

-- chris harris (dogdaysinnnh@aol.com), July 08, 2004.

I can see there are people who would like a quilting machine. I have one for sell. I bought it about 5 years ago. Been trying to get a business started but with no success. I work 40 hours a weed and its' not working out. I have made at the most 20 quilts on this machine. I love it but do to my husband haveing to retired early I need to sell it. The quilting machine is a Gammill Classic it is the greatest. It comes with a 14 foot table. Several patterns, patterns that can be worked ontop in front of the machine and roll patterns, bobbins, thread,tools,oil, 3 rolls of border paper. Has front and back handles. Has a red beam light to follow the lines easyer. The machine has a channel lock attached, this is magnetized so you can sew a straight line. It has a button to control the needle position. Runs like a charm. I have a 10 yard roll of padding 108". A about 30 yard roll of 96" padding. Would like to get 8,500.00 for it all. Shipping may have to go by truck and I dont' know the cost. I live in Globe Az. So if you live fairly close maybe we could work out delivery.

-- Sandra Davis (pugtailsmib@yahoo.com), July 22, 2004.

I think I was to fast about selling my machine. I don't want to sell at this time. Thanks, I 'll think twice next time.

-- Sandra Davis (pugtailsmib2@yahoo.com), July 24, 2004.

WANTED--- New home for my well-cared for, lovingly used 1997 Gammill Optimum including channel lock, needle positioner and 14 foot table Due to new endeavors, I no longer have time to quilt, and have decided to sell my machine. I'm located in northern California, east of Sacramento. Buyer would be responsible for transportation. Also included are numerous pattern books, packets and pantographs; plus several Linda Taylor and Marsha Stevens video tapes, the Gammill assembly/maintenance tape, separate commercial bobbin winder and two days of private instruction. For price and further information contact: Jan Turton jturton@impulse.net 530-637-4362

-- Jan Turton (jturton@impulse.net), July 25, 2004.

Saw your add about your quilting machine,I would like to know the price you are asking for it. Thanks Paulette Morgan

-- Paulette Morgan (jandpmorgan@wk.net), July 30, 2004.

I am going to San Antonio, TX to look at quilting machines today. What is the model number, age, and price you want for your machine. If it is what I am looking for, maybe we can make a deal

-- Carol L. Rosse (a.rosse@comcast.net), August 11, 2004.

I am looking for grace machine quilter including industrial sewing machine like yamato. I will pay 1,000. Thanks Victor

-- Victor Zubiaurr (vizda1@yahoo.com), August 13, 2004.


-- SANJAY KHANNA (sanjay@sterlingnonwovens.com), August 17, 2004.

I see I'm not the only one looking for a long arm! I am interested in finding a used long-arm, preferably with a stitch regulator. Liked all the models I saw at AQS Nashville show recently but new one is just unaffordable for me at this time. Does anybody have one they are ready to part with? I'm in South Carolina so will more than likely have to ship.....Thanks for any responses in advance!! Sharon

-- Sharon Hawes (gamecockfan@worldnet.att.net), August 25, 2004.

Hi, I am looking for a used Gammill, with stitch regulator. I tried several brands at the Quilt A Fair, and seems this one is the best for me...Live in Colorado, can travel to neighboring states to retrieve. Thanks to all for any help or suggestions.

-- Cathy Sorensen (cms@peakpeak.com), September 24, 2004.

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