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I want to enlarge my transfers. I have tried scanning on a flat bed scanner, sharpening the edges in photoshop, and printing on an Epson 2000P. The result didn't look very good. Here are my questions?

1. The Epson can print at 300dpi so what do I need to scan at if I want to enlarge a small transfer to say 13x19? Do I need to scan at 1200 dpi?

2. Some say a drum scan is essential for such enlargements. Any thoughts?

3. Whats the maximum size anyone has enlarged with good results. I plan fine art applications so I need it to look good.

4. What kinds of manipulations on photoshop have others used with transfers with success? Unsharp mask? Sharpening the edges? Cloning?

5. Any printing tips? I plan to use the Epson watercolor paper.

Thanks, Barbara

-- Barbara Carter (, January 18, 2002


I've used a company called Digicolor out of Seattle for enlarging my Polaroid transfers. I apply to fine art shows and have used my images to enlarge and sell for 4 years now. I just sold a 20x24 enlargement from the smallest size film. I love the look and will print even larger. I started doing fine art enlargements of photographs 6 years ago and am having a tough time elimating the photo enlargements out of my display, as some still sell well, but I want to be in the transfers ONLY. I was the artist on a wine label last year, a few gift stores have my work in my area, but I prefer to do outdoor shows. I have used a epson 1600 scanner and printed onto matt finished paper with my epson 1200 printer, and they turn out well. (they sell too) but time is a issue as I mat and frame also + shows. Hope this helps in some small way. Jude Galbraith

-- jude galbraith (, April 25, 2002.

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