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Hello forum, this afternoon the UPS truck came to my farm. A box arrived smack full of Mother Earth News magazines from the early 80's. It was a thank-you from George for helping with his stock questions. It was the years I needed to replace the ones lost in storage while we were building our home. How nice was that! The extra touch came with a wonderful card and no return address so that I couldn't even pay him back for postage! Thank you Geroge, you are a gem! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 18, 2002


Hi Vicki.

You are so welcome! But, I would like to say that you really deserve the magazines and so much more. I read your answers to the questions posted and I can tell that you put a lot of time into your answers and I am sure that everyone appreciates you as much as I do. You are very special. :-) George

-- george nh (, January 19, 2002.

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