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HELP!!!!!!!! I failed to save my tomato seeds last year---DOH. Does anyone have some beefy style, ala Big Boy or Homestead, or Beefsteak heirloom tomato seeds that they would like to trade, or sell to me at a reasonable, yet quick pace???? I have the following seeds:

luffa, rattlesnake pole bean, cornfeild pole bean,black beans (I forget the variety) basil genova, rosa bianca eggplant, hungarian banana pepper, morning glory, and who knows what else. I'll check and see later.

I am only interested in open pollinated heirloom seeds. Puhhhleeeaaaseeeee, help! Thanks!

-- Doreen (, January 20, 2002


I have a few dozen seeds you may have. Only price is your future sharing with others who share the interest. These meet your description. They're called Holy Land or Jerusalem by the few that Ive met around my corner of NE Ohio who have grown them. These produce large red very meaty tomatoes - 70 to 80 days - given to splitting - plants start yellowing from the bottom in mid to late August. Let me know where to send them if you want. J

-- J. Madden (, June 06, 2002.

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