I'm Fuming! IRS refuses hearing!

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From the Sierra Times

Fed Chickens Out Cancels Income Tax Challenge By Ed Henry: 01.19.02

Apparently without a leg to stand on, the federal government has decided to take its ball and go home. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-Maryland), one of the representatives who helped set up the meeting, now claims that people from the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department will not attend, there will be no meeting.

After more than a year of trying, including a 17 day fast by Bob Schulz of the We The People Foundation, the meeting was originally scheduled for September 25th and 26th of last year. Of course, the events of September 11th canceled that. Recently, the meeting was rescheduled for February 27th and 28th of this year.

About a year ago, the We The People Foundation was paying for and running full-page ads in USA Today. Ads that laid out one heck of a case for why the Internal Revenue Service or the government had no right to collect a personal income tax or make employers withhold money for such a tax. Even claiming that the original 1913 legislation for such a tax had never been properly ratified. Copies of these ads are still available on their web site.

Congressman Bartlett, a man who defines himself as a citizen-legislator and not a politician, now says that he's upset by the "Don't File Until The Trial" campaign We The People is currently promoting. As if a public terrorized by the IRS is suddenly going to develop the courage to not file their tax returns unless they've got money coming back, of course.

Come off it congressman. There's nothing in this campaign that wasn't stated clearly in the full-page ads run by the same organization a year ago. What is it you're afraid of?

We've got to conclude that the government has no valid defense and would take any excuse to put the subject to rest, to avoid answering the allegations. The timing of this meeting still left a month and a half for people to pay their taxes, to beat the deadline of April fifteenth.

Our governmental servants have lost the battle by refusing to show up. They have no answer to the charges. Isn't that obvious?

This is a copy of the letter sent to Mr. Schulz

January 17, 2002

Mr. Robert L. Schulz We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc. 2458 Ridge Road Queensbury, New York 12804

Sent Via Fax: 518-656-9724

Dear Bob:

I am quite dismayed by the tone of your rhetoric on your web page-- "Wait to File Until the Trial."

When I first met you in July of 2001, you seemed to want answers to questions regarding the legitimacy of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. As a congressman who believes and follows the Constitution, you found a willing ear. In the numerous meetings that followed, I never advocated the non-payment of income taxes. You were quick to agree and assured me that you never took this position as well.

The information that you are currently disseminating concerning the February 27 & 28 forum is misleading. While I remain committed to making every effort so that you can exercise your constitutional right to get answers to your questions, your rhetoric has made it impossible for the forum to take place because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) will not participate.

This is the alternative. I do not believe that IRS and DOJ will refuse to answer my questions. Please send the questions that you and your team developed to my Washington, D.C. office. I will refer them to the appropriate individuals at the IRS and the DOJ to respond. Since I know that there are thousands of people across this nation who want answers to similar questions, I will post both the questions and answers on my congressional web site.

In any future statements regarding my support please be sure that it is clear that I am supporting your constitutional rights and not that I am advocating not filing and not paying taxes.


ROSCOE G. BARTLETT Member of Congress

Permission to reprint/republish granted, as long as you include the name of our site, the author, and our URL. www.SierraTimes.com All Sierra Times news reports, and all editorials are 2002 SierraTimes.com (unless otherwise noted)

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), January 21, 2002


Here is a copy of the letter I sent to my congressman. PLEASE write your representatives! The issue goes well beyond taxation and directly to the first amendment guarantee for the redress of grievances. There was a petition signed by in excess of 600,000 Americans requesting answers to the questions poised by the WTP Foundation. They are essentially flipping off all of us. Forgive me, but I am incensed!

I will post a link to find your representative and email them below this.


-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), January 21, 2002.

Write your Rep

I put my butt on the line...you don't need to. Just politely telling them that the issue should be examined as it is outlined in the Constitution would suffice.

Dear Mr. Paul,

I am simply disgusted and decidely un amused by the arrogance and unConstitutional stance taken by both the IRS and the entire political establishment regarding these hearings, which are a Constitutional right, as defined by the first amendment. Congressman Bartlett's letter saying they wouldn't deal with WTP after their ad (that did not encourage any possibly illegal activity) SMACKS of a roll over. Either we have a Constitution or we don't. And if we don't, I do not have a country.

Sir, it is coming to a revolution. I am sorry, but my family came here on the Mayflower and I have too many relatives who have fought and died, in just and unjust wars, to defend that ragged piece of paper called the Constitution to sit idly by and watch a totalitarian Orwellian police state be erected without resorting to the only solution left to any and ALL real true American Patriots. I'd like an alternative....I am doubtful that there is one.

Yes, I know the FBI will read this, yes, my phone is already tapped, however, I DO NOT care! I DEMAND a law abiding government!!! Somehow this is becoming more and more like Atlas Shrugged by the minute. If they can sit and legislate our freedom away without so much as a rabid outcry, then I would rather die than leave this garbage to the next generation. Can you imagine the shame you would feel, as you sit eating your governmental daily ration of genetically modified beans, when asked by a young child why we didn't fight against this ever growing evil?...."Um, well son, I was afraid that they might take my car." Pathetic, no?

I have written, I have rallied, I have stood on corners and handed out papers, voted in every stupid election, I have tried until I am blue in the face, and STILL, the arrogance continues unabated. Every hope dashed at the feet of an ever expanding invasive federal government. Cameras at intersections, unwarranted searches and seizures, attacks on citizens with no redress for murdering representatives of the federal or state governments, the destruction of eveything that made this country worth fighting for to begin with. Hundreds of thousands of people have cried out against this, yet the news media is controlled by the government as well, and they simply fail to report the full truth.

What are we to do, sir? I feel I am without a country.... I will not bow to the nuevo regime. I resent being turned into a criminal by un constitutional legislation, and I simply cannot quit without a fight.

I have always held you in great regard. I would sincerely like a reply.

Yours in Freedom,


-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), January 21, 2002.

The advocates for this little "hearing" went over the top in their advertising. Found a good column on the subject on WorldNetDaily.com


Sometimes its better to lie low and wait for the outcome than to shoot your mouth off that you are going to win before the battle even starts. The put out misleading press releases and got everybody hacked off. Not a good move.

-- Skip in Western WA (sundaycreek@gnrac.net), January 21, 2002.

I read their adverts and their letter, and the only thing at all that they said that was something that should not have been said, was that {paraphrased}"should this be publically proven to be conclusive, taxpayers will be due a 100% refund". Who cares?

The way I see it (and there are several things I honestly don't agree with in their allegations) this is First Amendment blow off. In excess of 600,000 people signed this petition and the government thinks they can just ignore it because of some poor manners? That is the largest issue to me. That and the fraudulent raitification, and the misapplication of the law to a criminal degree. Those things deserve an answer, do they not? Regardless of the bullishness of the litigant? Or do bad manners now negate the Constituion?

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), January 22, 2002.

Oh Doreen! You are not without a country. Are you not a citizen of Heaven? We have no king but Jesus!

Anything else is a corrupt imitation. Do you really expect the fedgov to do the right thing? I didn't know you were a Pollyanna!

-- Laura (Ladybugwrangler@hotmail.com), January 22, 2002.

Wow. That's the first time in my life to have been accused of being a Pollyanna!

Yes, I do know this is only a test, and I can't wait to get to the end of it;)!!! But...ah yes, a big three letter word...I don't think it's going to be too easy driving down the road and showing them a tract to let them know that I am indeed a resident alien in this charade. I just wish that an oath to uphold the Constitution were taken more seriously.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), January 23, 2002.

There's a first time for everything, Doreen. Even YOU can be a Pollyanna. hehehehe

Out west here an Embassy of Heaven license and plates gets you totally ignored. They hate those fanatics jamming the courtrooms expounding on the Constitution.

Seriously, I know it is frustrating, but I believe we past the point of no return a couple of decades ago. Many men have gone on this mission before and so far, all have failed. We created a monster and we overfed it. The monster is too big for us to control by any means unless we intend to kill it.

-- Laura (Ladybugwrangler@hotmail.com), January 23, 2002.

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