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To the clowns of the pseudo-free press, editors, investigative reporters, tycoon owners of the fake-free media in the world most powerful banana republic TAKE THIS AND GO WASH YOUR FALSE FACES!!

Again the "free" press attacks Bill Clinton. How tiresome and unimaginative! Clinton? ....really? Again!!? The right wing media machine is so boring that most audiences and readers, have fallen into deep sleep!

Blaming Clinton while W.(Boy) Bush wags the Afghan Dog is counter productive!!!! Even the most stupid readers if they woke from their slumber for a moment, could see through it. How transparently dishonest are the media lap dogs of the wealthy Republican Mullahs!!!

The right wing media has been able to pass itself as a Liberal Media for years by allowing a few articles by token liberals to say something to make themselves look open and free. What a travesty! Pigs trying to look like eagles hoping their consumers will really believe that pigs can fly.

Sure! Sure...sure - The corporate rags and TV shows are as liberal as Richard Nixon, Joe Mac Carthy and that criminal oil partner of the Bin Ladin family : Papa George Bush, ie: the #1 scourge of the Global Environment until his son made him #2.

You, grand newspapers and TV networks are so truthful, free, and liberal! The New York Times' coverage alone of ENRON debacle is sufficient to provide irrefragable evidence that corporate mainstream press is as "Liberal" and as "honest"as Senator Phil Gramm and his wife in their dealings with of ENRON and W. (Boy) Bush. 

Had our last legitimate President, Bill Clinton, been caught as the current White House squatter W.(for whore) has been caught, without his pants and cozy in bed with ENRON Kenny (boy) Lay, we would be seeing Peeping Tom Kenneth Star at the attack with the full Republican church choir of compassionate conservative pimps screaming like wounded elks for impeachment.

The entire scandal would be shown endlessly on prime time TV Networks. And Bill Clinton would again show how much smarter he is than all GOP Mullahs put together as he would tip toe around them through the tulip and make the lot of the greedy fools look as he has always done, plain mean, dumb, and dirty minded.  Let GOP fanatic right wingers hold their breath and see how Lowbrow-George will perform under questioning, with or without pretzels to choke on as he drags his knuckles on the ground.

Just as delightfully sick as the ENRON press coverage is the New York Times coverage of the war against poorly armed "illegal combatants" who,according to Generalissimo Bush have no legal rights as prisoners of war no matter what the Geneva convention or international law says. Our reliable press carefully hiding civilian casualties and glossing over the super colossal bombardment of poor villages, starving people, maimed orphans and the exhausted multitude trying to escape the endless 20 years of civil war freezing in the Hindu Kush winter has truly distinguished itself for incomparable hypocrisy which is the greatest of Republican virtues. --- Phony New York style journalistic slop has proven itself as nourishing to the human mind and Democracy as a Big Mac is to our stomachs, to say the least.

The way our objective, unbiased, straight, honest media reported our glorious war against degenerate Terrorist cowards daring to die just to spite our freedom was grandiosely done by brave armchair reporters, briefed by the victorious Pentagon and drinking only good american beer and whisky as they bang their stories on lap tops.

How clearly and realistically described are those heroic flyers dropping thousands of smart million dollar superbombs from five thousand feet in the air and lobbing a bunch of 2 million dollar cruise missiles from 1000 miles away by bravely pushing star-war firing buttons from their warm and safe interior battle stations in their enterprise superbombers as they chew gum, drink coke and munch on peanuts and potato chips interrupted only when they have to beam up Dr. Strangelove Rumsfelt so he can report to Boy George, between beers and pretzels, how many goats, camels and people have been annihilated and how many caves have been caved in. or send Dick Chaney and Carl Rove aerial photos of the best route for building UNOCAL oil pipeline across Afghanistan as planned years before 9/11...."very interesting" would say Sherlock Holmes.

.The result of this magnificent military operation is a ten fold increase in Muslim hatred of Compassionate Conservative Right Wing Christians. George-boy promised to eliminate evil from the earth with his God-like operation "Infinite Justice," until Jerry Fallwell pointed out that Jesus the Son of the Master of Infinite Justice has been unable to clean up evil even in the compassionate State of Texas, the home of the conservatives ENRON sweethearts.

George wept when he was told by Carl Rove that all of his compassionate executions in Texas had failed to get rid of all evil there. So George boy decided for a new extermination operation named: ENDURING FREEDOM so that all the hate and terrorism he needs to keep Americans patriotically goose stepping behind him will last at least 10 year. Enough to totally fleece the American people into poverty and add a few million lives to the mass graves of the 21st century.. That's what those who forgot the American Dream of "Justice and Freedom for All" really deserve and that is why the operation is called ENDURING FREEDOM. . 

The wonderful recession that hit America in 2001 and is going toward depression is what one must expect when a trigger happy, cocaine snorting, drunk driving, Yale C-student, wannabe shoot'em up cow boy, thief, liar, ignoramus, dumb son of a bush member of a criminal family is illegally imposed on our Nation as the el supremo generalissimo by five black robed bandits who hold the law, the Constitution, democracy and the American people in Supreme contempt. 

All good Patriots must goose step behind Herr Ashcroft as he demands that we abandon our rights and freedoms and unite behind a leader who will stand as a drunk couch potato no matter how many pretzels terrorists may force on him as he watches his football games while guzzling Patriotic Texas Beer in the hallowed chambers of the White House.

We must surrender our freedoms to terrorists so they will have no target left to hit. Remember Generalissimo Bush told us that they hate us because we are free so...get it? Stupid! Once Generalissimo Bush and his faithful dog Ashcroft destroy our freedom and put a couple of million more Americans in jail to join the Drug wars victims ....why the Terrorists will have no free Americans left to kill. Get it? you dumb Democratic Lap dogs? If need be Generalissimo Napoleon Bush will launch another war to wag the Iraqi dog after killing the Afghan dog to make the ENRON rip off disappear from the radar screen of public attention. The beautiful ENRON Ponzi scheme, he, daddy Bush and his buddy Kenny Boy Lay worked together to shear the American sheeple. After all as Kenny said to Dubya "If God did not want them to be shorn He would have created them as People not as sheeple. Ask Christian right preachers and they will tell you that Jesus was born in a manger so preachers might live in a mansion. That is why George wanted to help Kenny Boy with a big corporate tax gift and the preachers with financing their faith based charities. George is such a good buddy! 

So, let us give the compassionate Texas Fascist a break and credit for Collateral war Benefits - We got rid of the Taliban -that was good for the women of Afghanistan and excellent for Dick Cheney and UNOCAL ---- The oil pipeline is back on the drawing board two years after the kenny boys of oildom asked Congress to get rid of the Taliban!!! . As for collateral damages...no big deal... - only a mere 6000 civilian blown to pieces - but we did parachute 30,000 peanut butter sanwiches. That's an average of 5 peanut butter sandwiches for each man, woman or child killed, so they had their last meal 'execution Texas-style'. George knows how to make friends, he is no dummy. Osama is safe and sound somewhere recruiting and training future Bin Ladins who will seek massive revenge by sending a ton of Pretzels to our Super Dopey Grand Commander. But he is brave and will catch Osama before choking on another pretzel.

Republicans can be really proud. "W" the beer drinking couch potato, who almost died gloriously for America while facing enemy pretzels, is no dummy like everybody thinks. He brought the country into the deepest recession since 1932 faster than Sherman ripped through Atlanta. He stole the entire treasury surplus that a dummy Bill left unspent for the taking. Why, Bill should have quickly paid off the debt...but Bill had his mind on other things. So in one year a Republican fake-president destroyed the accomplishments of the most prosperous presidency in all American History. Now how can any one call Dubya a dumb-ass. And if you stick around Baby George will break into the Social Security locked Box and make Kenny Boy Lay look like an amateur.

Now that the likes of the New York Chimes and Wall Street Urinal got rid of the Free Press ideal as pure Founding Fathers' bunk, Democracy is at last vanishing from the earth and with its death cumbersome civil rights are being eliminated, all thanks to corporate media cowboy boots licking journalism . Our media has become a religious service to help the glorious Republican Taliban rape and stab lady liberty dead forever.   Republican fundamentalists, love it all...except for what is happening to their stock market. They might end up getting a bit upset at George after the broken locked box is empty and a few million more homeless make trouble in the cities and consumer spending falls off to line at soup kitchens.

George has faithfully delivered complete victory to Osama, as his dad promised to his Bin Ladin partners, by helping to destroy the freedom and justice both he and Osama hate. But while Osama is hiding dreaming of antrax and other delights, George and his cronies will get their hands joyfully dirty into more oil grabbing and stealing ENRON STYLE.

Heil our Texas Furher! May he swallow his pretzels whole and pass them undigested.

The New York Times is still OK to wrap fish or pretzels with so don't cancel your subscriptions.

Unfortunately for the Texas Taliban the American People are getting a bit upset at this circus of cow boy fools. Remember: "You can screw some of the people most of the time, screw most of the people some of the time, but you cannot screw all the people all the time."

As for me, I am old fashioned,...GIVE ME LIBERTY OF GIVE ME DEATH !!!

Patrick Henry

-- Patrick Henry (freespeech@surfnetusa.com), January 23, 2002

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