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I jumped on the sales list of semen that will be imported from France soon. I got the list and short of needing an intrepertor to figure out the metrics was amazed at the nice list, very easy to read, in english, even had symbols for goat milk production, BF and protein.

I got to thinking about this after I read the sales list, does anyone know if France has either or both, CAE and CL? I guess i should probably try to find that UK talk list and ask. But my question is, and we have talked about this before on other forums, can CAE/Cl be transmitted by semen? I read in an old DGJ it can't, but still I wonder.

I also wastalking back and forth on e-mail with a freiend who also requested a list as to the registered status. I bet and so does she, that ADGA will not accept the breedings as Alpine, and we would ahve to do RG. Interesting thought, if thats the case, then the goats will be American and not French. I guess I also need to see if these are considered French over there in France. Hmmmmm I also need to see some pics too. Hmmmm going to email and ask. Anyone have any other thoughts on issues with this? Well, thought this was all interesting.


-- Bernice (, January 24, 2002


Very exciting! Of course a call to the registration committe chair should help, but so will an email to Linda Campbell, she knows so much! So you are looking for some real French Alpines :) Post what you find out, and honestly who cares about the registration part of it! If you can swing the semen, breed it to your best, its just one kidding. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 25, 2002.

I was just reading on some website that indicated France (I think it was France) was all but CAE free. I can't recall for sure and now I wish I had taken note of the article. Don't know about CL though.

-- Lynn (, January 25, 2002.

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