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I think this place is a great idea. I am not single, but my sister is and I know how hard it is to meet someone who shares your interests. She is divorced and has two kids. She has gone through a bad divorce and is really overly cautious about meeting someone now.

She is in the process of moving to the country. We both grew up with gardens and animals so she should have a lot to contribute to the mix here.

I'll try to get her to look in here and post. I guess being the older sister means I'm still trying to tell her what's best for her! :)

-- Mona in OK (, January 30, 2002


What a nice sister! My older sister is always trying to tell me what to do. You and she are welcome anytime. She doesn't have to be looking for someone to be able to come here for support. Just because we are single dosn't mean we don't like it that way. We just get lonely for others in the same boat, someone who understands.


-- Susan in Minnesota (, January 30, 2002.

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