Out for a walk in S.E. IL in the early 70's. [preachin]

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As I walked down the road a fast approachin car skidded to a halt. A big burly man crawled out with a tire iron in his huge hand. Said something about "cave'n in my head" because of somebody turnin him in for moonshinin. I told'm I didn't know what he was talkin about-I'd not turned anybody in for anything and that he had the wrong man. He still insisted I was the one and I was "gonna git it". At that point he got in a hurry comin towards me. I didn't move--wasn't any use to. When he got within about 10 feet of me he tripped on an imbedded rock in the roadway and fell like a ton of bricks--headlong into the hard roadpack. He didn't move any and I thought he'd done an kilt himself. While he was "out" I took the tire iron and throw'd it away. When he woke up a mite-I was standin over'm with my walkin stick right above his head. His eyes got real big and he started tremblin like a leaf in a hailstorm. "Go ahead and finish the job ya'll started" he blurted out. I didn't have the heart to tell'm he had tripped and done it all himself! Instead I told'm to not go around accusing folks of things they didn't do. He got up, brushed himself off and asked if he could get into his car and leave. I asked'm if he was done with his macho garbage. He said he was. I told'm if I ever heard anything like this again that I'd look'm up.

He quickly got in his old car and took off the way he had come. I'm sure glad he did! I had no idea who he was, where he was from or anythng about'm. The moral of this story? I haven't the slighest idey. All I know is that we shouldn't pay much attention when "beer is doin the talkin".

"He was weighted in the balances and found wanting"! We will all stand before the Judgment seat of Christ when we die---that is if we're Christians. If we are not then it's the "Great White Throne Judgment" and Almighty God will be settin on the bench at that one. As the old Pentecostal sayin of years ago "Theres a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun"! I made my plans a long time ago. Have you chosen wisely?

old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), February 01, 2002


Thanks, Hoot- I thought ya done left us! We need a little preachin' over here...(well *I* do!) God bless!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), February 01, 2002.

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