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For the last couple of weeks I have been going over the Letters to the Corinthians by Paul and other books and articles and it seems to me that although Peter was called out by Jesus in which to build his church, it seems to me that Paul had alot more to do with building the church then Peter. Or was Paul starting a more independent type church while Peter was starting the church in Rome,which later became the Roman Catholic Church?

-- TomK (, February 02, 2002


In a traditional sense both saints are held as equally important. For that matter, Tom, what apostles didn't do the work? It only just happens the epistles of Saint Paul are inspired, and two of the apostle Peter's. But every apostle carried the Holy Gospel to the nations. You shouldn't let your own subjective admiration for the epistles influence the outcome now, two millennia after the fact.

I also find Paul's work immensely moving. But that can't reasonably mean Peter wasn't full of the Holy Spirit and great in every way. Peter is first in the New Testament narrative not because of our admiration, but for Christ having personally made him the leader and most trusted. We can't elevate him, nor can we demote him in favor of Paul. These are false evaluations such as the world makes. This is not a race for the Oscar. Both saints are beloved of the Catholic Church and all Christians; and indeed, their feast is celebrated on the same day; being Saints Peter and Paul. When one is mentioned, the other is also.

-- eugene c. chavez (, February 02, 2002.

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