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I noticed KJV Revelation 22 verse 14 that "Blessed are they that do His commandments" has a Greek translation, using Strong's - "that do" = 4150 = washing, and "commandments = 4749 = robes. Is the Greek I am being shown when using KJV the minority text and not the majority text? When I look up the Jay P Green Interlinear NT it definitely uses different Greek wording. Is there a way to change the Greek text in PC Biblesoft to majority text, if this is the case? Thank you for hearing my concerns. Dave Walers

-- David G. Walters (, February 03, 2002


Hello David, I am getting interested in PC Bible for reasons of my own. An evident weakness seems to be the presence of only one Greek text, either UBS3 Rev. or UBS4, depending on which grade of PCBible software you have. Jay Green tends to use the Scrivener's 1894. It is a good representation of the text underlying KJV. Stephens 1550 is another text that was current in 1611, but it is apparent that more than one text was consulted by athe KJV translators, so it seems Scrivener consulted the available texts that are represented in KJV and did a composite. I am comfortable with Scriveners. The Majority Text is another matter altogether. Probably you are confusing the Majority Text (which is a modern critical text far more friendly to the Textus Receptus than is the Minority Text, such as UBS 3 or UBS 4 would be representative of) with the Textus Receptus. Scriveners, Stephens 1550, Elzevier Brothers or Beza can fall into a catagory of texts known collectively as TR, or Textus Receptus. I suspect Scriveners is a composite of the three other texts just mentioned here, although one or more of Erasmus' editions may also be included in Scriveners. I would appreciate feedback from you regarding how you are served with PCBible, since the version I am considering is very expensive. By the way, I have several Bible Study programs, all with weaknesses in certain areas. Scott L. Adams

-- Scott L. Adams (, April 24, 2002.

Want a powerful bible study program that has multiple translations in english, greek, hebrew and other foreign languages based upon the majority and the minority texts, along with multipe commentaries & the Strong's Excaustive concordance? For Free? http://www.e-!!! By the way, I am not the author, just a happy happy user!

-- Dwayne Forehand (, January 10, 2003.

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